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Listen With Your Heart -- EPUB

  • What if the man of your dreams stepped right into your arms? Can reality ever measure up to the fantasy?
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Release Date:
April 1, 2009
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Young Morgan Gable falls for Daniel Connolly, a popular Irish tenor when she hears him sing. Starstruck, she is consumed by thoughts of love with the handsome troubadour.

Real life intrudes and Morgan puts aside her own dreams.

Five years later, when she and her troubadour meet again, fate hands her the chance to make her every wish come true. Daniel entices her into a marriage of convenience. Can she save him from the treacherous political legacy of his late wife?

Set in 1871, the story sweeps from the tragedy of the Chicago Fire to the streets of New York to the wild, dangerous coast of Ireland.

Is Daniel merely using Morgan for his own deceptions? Or is she right to listen with her heart?


The voice, deep and mellow as moonlight, halted her. It was not Daniel's. Of course, he would have servants to answer the door. She would give her gift to this man and be gone. How foolish to think she might see the great Daniel Connolly himself. She turned again to face the butler, who stood in the open doorway.

"Yes, I've brought something for Mr. Connolly. Is he home?"

"Mr. Connolly is not receiving visitors. If you'd care to leave the item with me, I will see he gets it."

Morgan wondered if he would. Or was this servant a practiced hand at turning away adoring fans who sought to press some trifling token of their devotion on his master? Suddenly, she saw how foolish she had been to think a wealthy man like Daniel Connolly would need anything from the likes of her. He probably had a whole drawerful of gloves, all finer and softer than these.

"No, that is I--"

"Who is it, York?" came a gravelly voice from inside. She peered past the butler to see the figure standing in the far reaches of the foyer, just out of reach of the light. But it was Daniel, she knew it. She had to take this chance, perhaps the only one she'd ever had.

"Mr. Connolly? I brought you these. I read about your hands and I thought they might help." She held out the gloves, surprised to see her own hand trembling so.

The servant moved to block her, fearing, she supposed, she might barge into the house just to get a glimpse of her idol. Though she longed to do just that, she did not move.

"It's all right, York. I doubt the lass will bite." She thought she detected a hint of amusement in the rasping lilt of his brogue, but it tore at her heart to hear it altered so from the voice she remembered, the voice which haunted her dreams.

The servant stepped aside just in time for her to see Daniel step into the circle of light cast down from the wall sconces that lit the foyer. A flame-gilded lock of his hair tumbled across his forehead, the slightest crinkle of a smile parted his lips.

But his eyes. His eyes were pools of such deep, infinite sorrow she caught her breath to see them so. He must have heard her and thought the worst - that she was repulsed by the burns which marked his face - for the wisp of a smile faded from his lips, and he stepped back into the darkness.

"Take them from her, York. And get her name so we can thank her," Daniel said, then walked away.

Morgan released the gloves into York's outstretched hand. "I'm sorry, I didn't--"

"Your name, Miss?" he interrupted.

"Susan Smith," Morgan mumbled. "It's not important. He doesn't know me." Before the tears that threatened could fall, she turned and fled.

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Product Reviews

  1. Recommended 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Apr 2014

    "Ms. Scott relentlessly explores the depths of Morgan and Daniel's emotions. At times, I thought I knew these characters better than they knew themselves or each other. The scenes in the book are rich with details, making it easy to visualize the setting. One of the things I love about historical fiction is how it transports the reader to another unfamiliar era. This book took me to another place and time with seeming ease."

  2. A Must Read Now Kind of Book 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Mar 2013

    Barbara Scott pens a lively tale of intrigue, and a emotional roller coaster that takes the reader into a fanciful read. Not only is there mystery and intrigue in this lovely romance, but she lets the reader dive deep into their characters and begin to understand the emotional ride of the characters themselves.
    For anyone wanting a truly in depth emotional experience, and heartwarming romance that touches many points of reality, you must read Listen With Your Heart. Intriguing, heart-rendering, and irresistibly passionate. Come sit by the fire, curl up with Listen With Your Heart and prepare yourself for an astonishing romance. A must read now….kind of book!

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