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Lillum of the Nile Book Two: The Empty Sandal -- EPUB

  • Lillum will not rest until she has found those guilty of poisoning her first love, providing she can avoid being killed herself.
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Release Date:
October 11, 2016
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Queen Hatshepsut is ill.  The vultures are circling.  Lillum returns to Egypt with her Nubian servant Kowte, hoping to find those who poisoned her beloved Jamin, but someone close to the queen is determined to find and capture her.

She flees north to Abydos, refusing help from her uncle, the man who had her whipped and enslaved. She thinks she has escaped but the gods have set plans in motion, plans she is powerless to resist.

Can she withstand her uncle’s brooding violence? Can she find Jamin's killers and being them to justice? Is nowhere safe from the consequences of rampant political ambition?


"You cannot leave the boat there, mistress," the fat attendant insisted, rising from the steps and waddling down toward her, the hem of his short kilt swishing around his knees as he moved. He stared at Kowte with undisguised suspicion. "You may disembark, but your man must take that wretched boat elsewhere. Important people arrive here every hour of the day. He and his floating heap of goat droppings will be in the way.  The temple of Horus is over there," he added, gesturing toward a white building covered with images of blue hawks and red ankhs. "You can wait there for him to return."

"Do as he says," she informed her supposed manservant with a languid flick of her wrist. "Look for me at the temple."

She knew Kowte would be irritated by her feigned haughtiness but he only had himself to blame as this charade was his idea. She walked carefully up the steps, using all her skills as a dancer to keep her back straight, her head level, her arms relaxed, her eyes fixed on the path ahead.

At the entrance to the temple she moved to one side and stood motionless behind one of the white, limestone pillars, sheltered from the sun but also hidden from curious eyes. She watched the attendant return to his seat at the top of the steps, then saw him rise again when a new irritation intervened. A small barge had entered the pool behind them. The helmsman skillfully guided his vessel up to the steps. As soon as the hull touched the floating dock, the six women sitting on the deck began wailing, tugging their hair and clutching their breasts. They were professional mourners and from their tears and lamentations, Lillum suspected the long black box sitting in the middle of the barge held a mummified body. Probably a relative of the somber young man who stood on the lower step with his hands on his hips, surveying his surroundings with the air of someone who expected his every wish to be obeyed. The attendant bowed as he approached, pressing his hands together, greeting the waiting man with an oily grin.

Lillum smiled to herself. The fat attendant was like a hungry jackal, scorning the mouse darting between his feet for the plump partridge hiding in the bushes.

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