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Lillum of the Nile Book Three: The Stolen Ruby -- EPUB

  • Lillum agrees to travel to Byblos as a handmaid to a noblewoman destined to be its queen. Returning, she must evade Egyptian-hating tribesmen.
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Release Date:
February 11, 2018
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Lillum is ordered by Prince Tuthmosis to accompany Lady Nepheri as she sets sail for Byblos. The prince's sister is to marry Byblos' king. Tuthmosis intends this union to be the basis of his war against the Hittites. For Egyptians, the ancient port of Byblos is the other side of the known world.

Returning home will mean Lillum travelling vast distances across land occupied by Egyptian-hating Isleni. She and her guards hope to disguise themselves as tribesmen in order to avoid detection.

Will this ruse succeed? More importantly, who has stolen Queen Hatshepsut's great ruby ring and why is there an assassin chasing them, trying to find it?


"You look tired," Nepheri suggested as they headed back to the palace. The mere thought of her bed started Lillum yawning. By the time they reached the apartment, she was eager for sleep, and told Nepheri so. The woman nodded, her brown eyes glinting with mischief. She told Lillum to do as she pleased, claiming she had other things to attend to. She quickly replaced her temple robe for a much simpler dress and hurried off down the corridor.

Lillum yawned four times before she finished washing the paint from her face, three more before she undressed, two to don her shift, and one to fall fast asleep.  

When she jerked awake in the middle of the night, it took a moment to work out what had roused her. There was a grunt, followed by a wooden clunk, then a deep moan. It took hearing the sounds several times before she knew what was happening. The noise came from Nepheri’s room, quickly becoming more regular, more insistent.

Lillum decided she had heard enough. She grabbed her cover and fled the room. A single oil lamp illuminated the passageway outside the apartment for thirty paces in both directions. Theta lay fast asleep on her narrow bed, curled up like a cashew nut around a cushion. Lillum eyed the empty portion of the mattress and climbed over the girl’s legs, careful not to touch or wake her. She huddled in the corner with her cover pulled up under her chin. Lillum had no idea how she managed to sleep in that position, but she did, only to be woken up by what sounded like the squeaking of a mouse. At least that was what she thought it was. When she rubbed her eyes into wakefulness, she could see Theta leaning on her elbow, staring at the source of the squeak. Her gaze slid over a man’s naked shoulders and buttocks as he walked confidently into the darkness. The strange squeak-squeak sound followed the movement of his bare feet on the smooth granite floor.

It was only when she heard the soft thud of the outer door closing did she dare say anything.

"Who was that?" she whispered.

"Lord Jedpher," Theta replied, turning, a horrified look on her shadow-etched face. "The captain of the guards," she explained.


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