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Lillum of the Nile Book One: The Blue Scarab -- EPUB

  •  In an Egypt ruled by Queen Hatshepsut, Lillum endures two years of slavery for a crime she didn't commit. Now she has a chance at happiness.
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Release Date:
September 21, 2015
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Lillum lives in an Egypt ruled by Queen Hatshepsut and dominated by its gods. At fifteen she looked after her artist father, but that changed when he was accused of tomb robbing and disappeared.

In his absence, she is punished and sent to the great temple of Amun Re in Thebes as a slave.

After two long years she is given a chance at happiness but discovers she is being watched. Is it the mad priest who tried to kill her the night her father disappeared, or is it the rebels hell-bent on removing the queen?


She was still mulling over these thoughts when the gardener with the bandaged hand came up to her.

"My lady," he said placing his hands together and bowing, "someone wishes to speak to you, a man. He waits by the Bull Gate."

For an instant, such were her thoughts, she suspected treachery.

"Did he ask for me by name?"

"No my lady, he asked to speak to the musician who wore the blue scarab."

With her fears allayed, fingering the amulet at her throat, she relaxed enough to take a quiet pleasure at being addressed in such a respectful manner.

"Thank you for the message," she answered, smiling at the evident pleasure this simple courtesy gave the gardener. "I will go and find him."

"He is young and handsome," he added mischievously, as she walked away.

From some distance she studied the figure standing next to the entrance guard. Wearing a long skirt of white linen, with a blue belt around his waist and his hair cut short, he looked like a craftsman of some sort. Perhaps he was a copper worker who had seen her returning and thought she had tokens or goods to barter for his wares. As she had nothing to exchange and no need for anything new, she would speak kindly and send him on his way. She approached the gate with her chin up and her back straight. It masked her nervousness.

"How can I help you?" she asked, her hands clasped together in front. If he became troublesome, she was certain the guard would deal with him.

"Lillum?" he whispered softly, the word more of a question than a statement. Lillum stood back alarmed. The man knew her name. Worried, she edged nervously backwards. Her visitor noticed this and before the guard could get involved, made a small gesture as if to call her back.

"It is me," he hissed, "Jamin!"

She stood there and stared in astonishment. The man standing in front of her was a head taller than the boy she last remembered. He was broad across the chest, like a foundry worker. His nose was the same shape and the little crease in the middle of his chin was there still, but the boy had disappeared, leaving a man standing in his place.

"Jamin," she breathed, shaking her head in amazement.


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