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Lillium of the Nile by Ann Carter

Although Queen Hatshepsut rules Egypt as Pharaoh, the roles of her female subjects are limited to dutiful daughters, obedient wives and loving mothers. When Lillum, still unmarried at fifteen years old, accompanies her artist father to Thebes, to look after him while he works on the Queen’s Mortuary Temple, she initially finds the world beyond their tiny village bewildering. Enslaved for a crime she did not commit, she endures years of deprivation and forced labour. When an opportunity arrives to better herself, she takes it. She has been taught the value of truth and morality (ma’at) but finds violence, greed and deceit at every turn. It is not her nature to let such things go unchallenged. Can she unravel the lies to find the truth behind the words? Can she protect the weak from those who would destroy them? Can she do all this and still hope to find a good man and eventually a home to call her own?

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Ancient Historical Women's Fiction