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Legends of Tirum by Esther Mitchell

In a world once decimated by Majik, there remains only one mythical hope of lasting peace. Legend speaks of the Aerai Majin -- the World Mage -- a wise and powerful Majin who long ago drew together the nine Elements and used their power to reshape a world on the brink of disaster.

When war broke out amongst the power-hungry Maji, the peace-loving Aerai Majin scattered his knowledge, placing it into the hands of nine bloodlines who remained untouched by the war. Legend says that when the nine Chosen of the pure bloodlines come together in the Aerai Majin’s sacred space, the world would be renewed. 

However, the renewal will open wide the Gate of the Underworld, and unleash a Culling none of them may be able to prevent.

Books in Series: 11

Genre: Fantasy Romance