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Legacy of Honor by Joan Leotta

At four critical junctures in our nation's history the DeBartolo family prove that they are men and woman of honor. Along the way, while working for the war effort in Wilmington, NC in WWII, they foil spies, prevent the stealing of technology of polio vaccine in Pittsburgh during the Korean War and convince a wounded soldier that he is loved. When many among the youth are protesting the Vietnam War, Anna Maria DeBartolo leaves the home front to work as a nurse on the front lines where she saves a small group of orphans from capture by the VietCong and finds out that the type of man she usually fell in love with is not the kind of man she wants to marry. By the 1990s the family is back in Rome—on diplomatic assignment—when they discover that there is another branch of the family. The unfolding of those secrets takes place against the backdrop of a gap year job with a newspaper in Rome for Anna Maria's daughter (Kathy Ann), a Desert Storm art theft, and Kathy Ann's discovery that she has been looking at the wrong sort of man.

Books in Series: 4

Genre: Vintage Historical Romance/YA