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Laverghetta, Angela


A love of horses, King Arthur, and fantasy started my creative development early. I would read, draw and write my desires for horse ownership, for magic or the Force, for a boyfriend (who was also a hero/prince/cowboy/vampire, of course).

During the early 2000’s, the Lone Mountain Writer’s Group helped me write pieces I was (sort of) comfortable seeing the light of day. This led to a couple published poems and the start of a novel. I am in their debt. Especially, to their late leader, Marilee.

In 1993, I moved to Reno and now I can’t imagine my reality not framed by mountains and scrub brush.  When I’m not writing or rewriting, I can be found spending time with my two teenage children, my numerous animals, and the love of my life (and possibly cosplaying at a surrounding area convention, but that’s a whole other story!).

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