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Killing His Alter-Ego -- EPUB

  • Reviving his TV series gives Kyle a chance to make things right with Raine -- and see past the hero he never was.

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Release Date:
February 1, 2018
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

A rising star, Kyle's fame went to his head. Raine beat the odds to sell a TV script in high school. His immaturity ruined her moment of triumph, and when he couldn't make things right, he gave up too soon.

His career fading, Kyle gladly left Hollywood behind. Years later, common interests brought them together again. Using his own name, and wearing a beard, Kyle convinced Raine he wasn't the jerk who made her cry on her sixteenth birthday. He would have to confess if they would ever have more than friendship.

Then fandom pressured the network to revive his TV show, with Raine and Kyle involved. Finally confessing, Kyle began the long journey to convince Raine to see him, not the hero he played, and not the jerk he had once been. The threats from fandom wackos just made the job a little harder.


Kyle had been wrong about the ages of the quartet. Their girths made them seem like overweight adolescents. They were probably in their mid-thirties, with greasy hair swept over balding spots, squinting eyes that made Kyle think of pigs, and thick, glistening wet lips. They looked enough alike to be blood relatives. He wished there was a law to stop indiscriminate breeding of defective genes in real life, just like in stories Raine had written.

"Sorry." He summoned up a smile and suspected this might be the most important performance of his life. "I don't know who you are or what 'zine you're talking about."

"Well, come on up to our room!" the leader said with glee. His siblings muttered agreement behind him. "We're having a party tonight. Beer, even." He glanced at Raine and winked. "We got a buddy with a program that puts people's faces on other bodies, changes around movies. We're working on a dirty movie. It'll be great."

"No." Kyle wished he had those awful red contact lenses from the series, just to show these slobs how much the idea sickened him. He suspected they would put Raine's face on a porn actress's body.

 "I'm only going to say this once, so I want you to listen." He lowered his voice, which made the foursome lean closer to listen, eyes wide, nodding and eager. "The show is being revived." Kyle held up a hand to stop them when they let out lusty yells. "Do you want to hear this, or don't you?" They quieted immediately. He had a trembling sense of glee at the power he held. "There's a lot that the fan clubs and 'zine publishers can do to help promote the show. When I find the slobs who have been writing porn and destroying all the good things my show did, I'm going to be very angry. Understand?"

The foursome exchanged glances and their smiles melted like ice cream bars in a microwave.

"I want you to find the people who make Bridger fans look like drooling idiots. I want you to help me stop them from writing porn and gratuitous violence and publishing really wretched 'zines that shouldn't be used to line a birdcage. Okay? Can I depend on you?" He held out his hand to shake theirs. The foursome mumbled their responses, hurried to shake his hand, and scurried away.

"My hero," Lanie cooed, earning a snort of laughter from Raine.

"Please tell me you have a big bottle of that hand sanitizer goop." Kyle held out his hands. They actually felt slimy from shaking those fat, soft, sweaty hands.

"When I think of all the times I tried to be diplomatic with those..." Raine sighed and sank down into the chair Lanie had vacated. "I think I'm furious with you, Kyle."

"For what?" He nodded his thanks when Joe tossed him a bottle of pale green sanitizer.

"For not coming to conventions before and putting the fear of -- well, the fear of Bridger's wrath into those sleezoids. You have no idea the garbage they write."

"I read their first 'zine. Unfortunately."

Raine froze. Her face went pale, then flushed. Kyle squirted green liquid over his hands, enough to make them drip. He had to do something to keep from reaching for Raine and dragging her to her feet and into his arms. Just to make sure she was all right.

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