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Keller County Cops Book Six: Trained to Kill -- EPUB

  • When a skilled female marksman invades the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team, one of the members rebels until a monster seeking revenge threatens her life.
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Release Date:
May 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Keller County precision marksman Cadence Holly, the newest member of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team, believes she doesn't have anything to prove to the men in her unit because her she's good at what she does.

Detective Brody Remington, a former military sniper, disagrees. Brody spends most of his time berating Cadence, until she proves him wrong by taking down a hostile target with a risky shot. Brody regrets the way he's treated Cadence. As he struggles to get back into her good graces, Eugene Dunham, a man seeking revenge, targets Brody.

Once Dunham realizes Brody and Cadence have formed a tentative bond, however, he sets his sights on Cadence instead, setting up a frightening game of cat and mouse that can end only one way. Will Brody get to her in time?



The bullet slammed into the loamy earth less than a foot from Cadence Holley's face, kicking up debris and showering her with dirt and bits of leaves. She gasped.

"Thought you'd slinked out of sight again, didn't you, bitch?" Eugene Dunham's taunting baritone boomed through the falling dusk. He was at least seventy-five yards away, hidden in the trees, but in the deep quiet of the forest his sharp words sent a chill ricocheting down Cadence's spine. "You can't escape. Might as well give up, Deputy, and step into my sights. I win."

No effing way. Cadence gritted her teeth and brushed the dirt from her cheek. She'd come this far. She was well trained, and she knew how to kill. If only she had her Remington .308 caliber rifle, then she could fight back. Covered in leaves and hunkered down behind a huge rock, she'd thought she was safe, at least for now... but she'd thought wrong.

She took a deep breath, scrambled up, and bolted for a giant oak about ten feet away. Crashing through the underbrush, scattering leaves. Chasing fireflies into the growing gloom.


Another round burst through a leaf an inch past her shoulder just as she slid to a stop on the cold, wet ground. Heart hammering, she pressed herself against the tree's rough bark and struggled to take a deep breath. The icy air made that impossible, but she knew she had to calm down or she might make a fatal mistake. She'd been out here all day without food or water, and she was past exhausted. Why else would that bastard be taunting her like this?

She turned so she faced the tree and peeked around it. No sign of him. He must still be hiding. Waiting for her to make a move. Plotting her death.

Desperate find a way out of his hunting ground alive, Cadence plucked her cell phone from her pocket and checked to see if she had reception.

No service.

Her heart rose into her throat. How in hell was she ever going to get out of here when she couldn't call or text anyone for help? She shoved her useless phone back into her pocket and peeked around the tree again. A flash of movement caught her eye. Flickers of light and dark, leaves waving, shadows changing.

"Where is he going?" she murmured to herself. She searched the heavily wooded terrain until her eyes burned, but she detected no more movement. No Dunham. Her jittery nerves danced a crazy jig. She didn't need to stay here too long. The bastard already knew where she was. Better to keep him guessing rather than to make herself an easy mark.

Her back damp with sweat despite the cold, she got to her feet.


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