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Keevers Driver, Donna


As a timid child and awkward teen, my only dream in life was to become a mum. My first dream-come-true was born two weeks prior to my 19th birthday. Today, after Jesus rescued me from the edge of suicide, I am married to the most wonderful man I know and am proud to call 6 wonderful individuals 'my kids'.

About a year after Amanda was born, I had a [night] dream in which an angel came to me and said, "I am always with you, but this is the only time I am allowed to speak to you," and went on to encourage me towards a "Typewriter waiting for [me]". The impact of this dream saw my heart take on a passion for writing.

I am a high school dropout with no qualifications, who was picked up by God and given a second chance, hope and a future filled with love. While I do not write one set genre, and though most of my main characters are not Christians, I write with two thoughts in mind: God IS good, and He has impressed upon my heart that YOU are worthy to be loved.

PS. Please excuse my Aussie spelling. ;)

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