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Kate's House -- EPUB

  • Can a runaway mother teach her children it's okay to be happy, while teaching an enigmatic man he deserves love and happiness despite his secrets?
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Release Date::
October 11, 2015
Cover Artist::
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


When Katherine learns of her husband's long time infidelity and other lies he's told her over the years, she's not sure which upsets her more: his duplicity or that she's completely ignored the signs. Using his subterfuge against him, she acquires a quickie divorce, sole custody of their three children, and enough money to start a new life.

Finding an unusual and seemingly magical Queen Anne in the middle of a farm is the answer to her prayers--a place to teach her children that it's okay to play and have fun--to be kids. She doesn't count on falling love with the handyman who comes with the place--or dealing with his secrets--secrets that could destroy them all and their newfound happiness. 


The heat hit them like a thick, wet blanket taken from the dryer way too soon. It made breathing a struggle.

Reggie put two fingers in her mouth and sent a piercing whistle into the gloom. "Hey, Ian, we're here!" she bellowed.

There was no sound or movement for several seconds until, like a scene from a bad B movie, he appeared from behind the carriage house, moving in slow motion, pushing the fog out of his way. The sun chose that second to make a brief appearance long enough to shine down on his perfectly toned bare chest and arms as he quickly shrugged a gray tee shirt over it all.

Come on, seriously? No one really looks like that.

Katherine dropped her gaze to her feet, pretending to count the wild violets on the ground until she got the urge to giggle under strict control. A pair of bare feet peeking out from the hems of well worn jeans joined her feet in her vision of violets, and she looked up with a jerk directly into soft gray eyes, rimmed in charcoal lashes. His dark hair, thick and wavy, fell to his shoulders and was pushed straight back away from his face. Obvious from the fingers marks, he'd been out in the rain most of the day and the dampness fueled the waves already there. A heavy stubble darkened his chiseled chin, thick and well kept. The giggle bubbled up again when he spoke.

"Hello, I'm Ian Stuart."

Of course you are.

The hint of an Irish accent crept from under his strict effort to control it. It was endearing and put her at ease. If he could be this beautiful and still feel self-conscious about something as innocuous as a slight Irish brogue, she was just fine.

She offered her hand. "It's so nice to meet you, Mr. Stuart. I'm Katherine Jensen, and these are my children, Crysta, Willie, and Livvy."

His eyes lingered on each child, and Katherine got the feeling he was memorizing their faces. When none of them squirmed under his perusal, he allowed a slight smile. "A fine lot you have here. I'd wager none of you fear the dark or imagine monsters under the bed."

While Crysta and Willie's eyebrows rose, Livvy took it in stride. "No, there's nothing scary under my bed. Me and my animals have camp outs under there."

He bent at his waist till he was eye-to-eye with her, no mean feat since he was well over six feet tall. "Then you shall be captain, my fine lass. Only the most fearless can be in charge."

"Captain?" Willie scoffed. "She's just a girl. And a baby one at that."

"Age makes no difference. It's strength that matters, Bodyguard."

Her son's eyes widened slightly. They stared at each other, some piece of information passing silently between them.

Crysta smiled. "And who am I to be, Mr. Stuart?"

"You are the balance," Ian answered without hesitation.

So he had not only been listening to them the day they visited, he'd listened well. How else could he have sized up her children so fast?

"Well, I'm just the mama," Katherine offered with a shaky smile and rushed on before he could bestow a title on her.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Book! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jan 2017

    In Kate's House, Katherine Jensen, is a wife and the mother of three. Finding out about her unfaithful spouse, she totally re-arranges her life and that of her children.

    In looking for a new home, they find a house with lots of space and meet Ian Stuart the handyman.

    With Kate and the children settling in, Ian had not planned to be a part of Kate's and her children's life. Over time though, he draws closer and closer to them all. But he has secrets which he won't talk about.

    And now Kate's ex-husband William is also showing up as well.
    There is a lot of different emotions in this book. It will draw you in.

    The supernatural aspect is a great touch.

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