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Interstellar Intelligence Agency: The Case of the Senshi Pearl -- EPUB

  • Agent Tanuki is assigned her first case, yet, it's anything but simple. The very planet is in peril unless the Senshi Pearl can be found.
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Release Date:
December 1, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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With Nereus being a world of multiple human species -- one of land, one of water, and one of both -- only shape shifter, Agent Raina Tanuki, can meet them on their own suspicious grounds to avoid planetary war. But heading to the highly racist planet stirs painful memories Raina's trying to forget.

To make matters worse, the planet-balancing Senshi Pearl is stolen. If war doesn't destroy them, then the very planet itself will. Can she push past her fears to objectively approach the case and solve it?

On a more personal level, can she work through those same fears and learn to love and be loved?


A small wind picked up and Kane eyed the vents. Still closed. The temperature of the air heated. Evaline grasped his forearm, and gasped as a small tornado formed in the center. It whirled, first in a wide loose swirl about three feet tall, then grew and tightened. The space around the phenomenon distorted, like a mirage when gazing through the desert.

Two tiny pale feet materialized on the ground, growing calves, knees, and petite thighs.

"Oh my gods, Kane," Evaline whispered in awe.

"It is magic," the emperor commented from the water area.

A chair nearby crackled and splintered. Kane gestured to one of his men and they reached out and jerked it away. The corner piece of the chair arm had disintegrated, leaving only a small splintered gap. Agent Tanuki's naked form slowly appeared. Her athletic hips, fit abdomen, and arms covering her small chest. Kane's mouth went dry. Evaline excused the security team -- for obvious propriety's sake -- and grabbed the robe. She prepared to drape it over the small naked female.

Small was an understatement.

She barely came to Kane's chest. Slim shoulders held a long narrow neck and diamond-shaped face. The wide cheekbones accented her wide mouth. She had big blue eyes, the color of the night sky before full moonrise. A long thick scar etched from her right eye socket, down across her cheek, before disappearing behind her hairline. Her pitch-black hair was in a short style, buzzed in the back and angling longer to a point towards the front. Bright blue streaks the color of her eyes highlighted her hair in thick chunks. Her skin was like the little porcelain dolls in the toyshops around town.

She let her arms drop, and turned to them in her full nudity. Kane blushed. She was obviously not shy. She smiled, and then bowed to the mistress and emperor. Evaline stood holding the robe, unsure what to do next.

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