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Honky Tonk Cowboy -- EPUB

  •        Ex-convict Sarah Scott meets ex-rodeo cowboy Blake Hamilton. Instantaneous attraction flares. Common sense tells Sarah to run. When did passion ever listen to common sense?
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Release Date:
April 1, 2014
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Taria Reed

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In 1966, Sarah Scott is paroled from federal prison with one thought in mind: to put her shameful past behind her, and once more gain control of her life.

She meets Blake Hamilton, ex-rodeo cowboy turned nightclub owner. The chemistry between this unlikely pair is explosive and instantaneous. A chance meeting leads to passionate encounter that blossoms into a tempestuous affair.

Blake’s family disapproves of Sarah. Her few friends dislike Blake. Sarah wants forever. Blake lives only for today.

Common sense tells Sarah her affair with Blake will end in heartbreak. When did passion ever listen to common sense?


Sunday Morning June 27th 1966

Early Sunday morning, Sarah answered an insistent knock on her door, and saw Blake, standing on the other side of the screen with her gym bag in his hand and a big smile on his face. "Hello, Ms. Scott. Remember me?"

Sarah opened the screen and grabbed her bag. "My bag, I thought I'd lost it. Is my book inside?" She closed the screen door, leaving Blake standing outside.

Without an invitation, he stepped inside and closed the screen door behind him. "Mind if I come in?"

Sarah unzipped the bag, and reached for her book. "Thank heavens. I thought I'd lost it." Tears sprang to her eyes as she let the bag fall to the floor and hugged the book to her chest.

"The bag was in the seat of my truck." Blake explained. "I was coming to Summerville anyway, so I thought I'd bring it to you."

"I was so afraid I'd lost it." Sarah caressed the book with loving fingers before opening it to the inscription on the fly leaf. The bold cursive script beneath the title looked back at her: To the ends of Being and ideal Grace -- with my lost saints, my darling, Paul.

A deep voice intruded. "Who's Paul?"

"There is no Paul." Sarah ran her hands along the ends of the slim volume. "Paul was my husband. He's -- dead." Color burned in her cheeks. "You read my inscription. You had no right."

Blake shrugged one shoulder. "I opened the book, and there it was, so I read it. It didn't make a lot of sense."

That was understandable. He'd probably never read a love poem in his life. "Why did you open the bag?"

His face softened. "I like your lavender bra and panties."

"I called you over and over. Do you know how important and expensive this book is?" Outrage and anger gave way to grudging relief. "I thought I had lost it."

An aggravating grin tugged at one side if his mouth. "I was hoping you left the bag in my truck so you'd have an excuse to see me again."

She didn't know which was more annoying, his honesty or his ego. "What made you change your mind?"

"You didn't come looking for me or your bag." He sounded disappointed.

Sarah was set to give this egotistical cowboy the tongue lashing of his life. Second thoughts made her reconsider. He was Karen's brother-in-law. Karen was her dearest friend. It would be best if she made some kind of peace with him. She tamped down her anger. "You drove a long way to return my bag. I'm grateful. Would you like a cup of coffee before you go?"

"Coffee sounds great." He followed her into the small, immaculately clean kitchen.

Sarah put two cups on the cabinet's counter and poured coffee from a pot on the stove, as she asked, "Sugar, cream?"

"Black." Blake leaned back in his chair and let his glance slide the length of her small figure. "You're a very attractive woman."

Sarah set the steaming cups on the table. His compliment caught her off guard. "I beg your pardon."

His smile was sweet and guileless. "Should I have said unique? Your hair's the color of ripe wheat, and those purple eyes. I never knew anyone with purple eyes before."

What a line. Sarah sat across from him, poured cream into her coffee, and stirred it slowly. Should she tell him that he was wasting his time? Wisdom dictated diplomacy. She laid her spoon on the table, and met his frankly appraising gaze. "I have never thought of myself as unique."

"Oh, but you are. I apologize for reading your book. It was a thoughtless thing to do."

Did he expect her to sanction his high-handed actions? "Yes, it was."

Completely poised, and obviously not the least offended by her sharp retort, Blake took a sip of coffee and set his cup in the saucer. "Has your husband been dead long?"

"Five years." Could it be that this man didn't know about her past? "My husband was Doctor Paul William Scott."

Realization leaped into Blake's eyes. "The physics professor who tried to sell his research findings to a foreign government?" He took another quick sip of coffee. "You're that Sarah Scott?"

Sarah dropped her head and traced the tablecloth's pattern with the handle of her spoon. "You didn't know?"

"I had no idea."

She met his questioning stare. "The evening you brought me home from Karen's? I thought you knew who I was, and that's why you made improper advances."

His eyebrows lifted in surprise. "I wasn't making advances of any kind. I was trying to help you."

"You really didn't know who I was?" Sarah took a quick sip of coffee to ease the catch in her throat.

"I had no idea you were Paul Scott's wife."

"I'm nobody's wife." Sarah pushed her cup toward the center of the table. "I'm Paul Scott's widow."

Blake asked, "Didn't you spend some time in jail?"

"I served four years in a federal prison for my alleged crimes." How many times had she seen that look of accusation on a stranger's face? It always left her feeling hurt and defensive.

"Alleged?" Blake's brows met together in a frown. "Are you telling me you weren't guilty?"

"No." An old, familiar pain moved in around Sarah's heart. She had learned long ago the futility of trying to convince anyone of her innocence. "You can believe anything you want to believe. I don't care."

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