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Homeward Bound -- EPUB

  • When a disenchanted CEO hires a graduate of foster care to prepare his estate for quick sale, his stager refurbishes his life.
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Release Date:
August 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Debbie Taylor

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Successful CEO Luke Townsend hires Kristal Lake to stage his Rancho Santa Fe estate for quick sale. He unwillingly assumed the responsibility of running the family conglomerate following his father's sudden death and had to place his own plans on hold.

The product of foster care, Krista longs for a home of her own and promptly falls in love with Luke's. He wrongly believes unloading his house will relieve his stress until Krista points out the obvious -- his mother is also qualified to fill Luke's shoes.

Relinquishing the company reins frees Luke to move to Sacrament and head his favorite charity, a non-profit for fatherless, at-risk boys. He should be happy there, but he's not, even after his estate sells for a nice profit. The sale of the home she'd poured her soul into nearly breaks Krista's heart until Luke comes up with a plan to make everything right.


Krista moved across the room and opened the door to a large walk-in closet obviously designed for his and hers, the woman's side well appointed but depressingly empty, the well-tailored Italian suits hanging on the man's side neatly arranged. Shiny pairs of dress shoes lined a low shelf. Recently laundered shirts still in plastic bags from the cleaners matched a rack of expensive looking suits and ties.

The lucky spouse who moves her Jimmy Choo shoes in here will feel like a queen.

Backing out, she closed the closet door.

Even with the red glow this room is gloomy. She crossed the room and opened the drapes. The sudden wash of sunlight blinded her.

She staggered back.

A door opened. Surprised, she turned toward the sound.

A trim man stood in the bathroom doorway wearing a lecherous smile and nothing else.

"Uhh!" Krista stumbled over her feet in her hurry to hide behind the window coverings.

My face must match these ugly drapes.

The man's hearty laugh followed her. "Okay. I get it... Give me a sec to get decent."

The bathroom door clicked shut.

One moment passed. Two.

Get out of here while you can.

Krista stepped out from behind the drapes just as the bathroom door swung open again.

She froze.

The same well-built man, now wearing a towel around his hips, emerged.

"Morning, beautiful. Did my brother put you up to this? If he did, I swear I'll--"

Giving her a hasty appraisal, he cleared his throat. "On second thought, I'm indebted to Kurt."

Her skin heating, Krista headed for the hall. "You have your realtor to thank. I'm your stager. I'll wait for you downstairs."

"That's too bad. I was rather enjoying myself." Laughter followed her down the hall.

She hurried to the stairs and descended them two steps at a time. The living room seemed the best place to hold a business conference, so she headed there, her knees quaking from her forced flight.

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