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Heroes of the Horde Book One: Unleashed -- EPUB

  • The next generation of superheroes is about to be unleashed.  The teenage heroes need to stop the demonic Horde before its evil spreads.
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Release Date:
May 21, 2013
Original Cover Art:
Nik Ranieri & Jenifer Ranieri

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Six mismatched students at Deacon Propriety are about to discover the demonic legend of their school's origin is actually true. Not only have they obtained amazing powers, but they also unleashed the demonic Horde. Now it is up to these six high school freshmen to stop the Horde before its evil spreads throughout the school and beyond.


"Time to rock and roll," Cooper hollers. He sprints straight at the demons. One of them meets him head on. Cooper lowers his shoulder and plows into it, pinning it against the brick wall. He grabs its arm and, using his super strength, throws it across the alley and into the opposite wall.

Caitlyn and I stand back, unsure how to help our friends. At times like this, I wish my powers showed up more aggressively.

Mike takes to the air, and starts shooting air blasts at the demons from high above. He lands in a circle of five demons and starts shooting at them in turn. Jimmy keeps walking forward until he's only a few yards away from his targets and Shelly uses her telekinesis to throw another demon into a garbage bin. The fight looks like it's going really well... until I hear Caitlyn scream beside me.

I spin toward her and see three demons grabbing at her. Why do they keep going after her so insistently? Is there something about Caitlyn? I don't know... but what I do know is she needs help. I quickly glance at the others. They are all engaged. I spot Mike and he looks fit to be tied. The demons surrounding him have converged and he can't get away. Both Cooper and Jimmy are taking on two demons apiece, and Shelly literally has her hands full. Somehow I have to help Caitlyn.

I really don't know what I'm going to do, but I have to do something. I grab the closest demon by the sleeve. This pulls its attention to me and it swings a fast moving backhand slap in my direction. The smack hits me right across the mouth and I fall to the ground. It doesn't hurt my physically too much, it was more of a blow to my pride. The demon kicks and hits me in the side, then turns back to Caitlyn. Apparently I'm not important enough or dangerous enough to fight properly.

I don't know why a demon thinking I'm unimportant makes me mad, but it does. I grind my teeth and my blood starts to boil. I clench my fists and my eyes start to sting. It's the sting of angry tears... but more. The stinging and burning becomes very intense. I rub them, but that does no good. It's far more powerful than just watery eyes. I start to worry about permanent damage to them, when suddenly something bursts from my eyes. It flies directly into the back of the demon that kicked me. The beam bursting from my eyes knocks the demon to the ground. A small string of smoke circles up from the beam's place of impact. I stare at the demon again with as much intensity as I can muster. Another beam strikes the demon and it writhes in pain, screaming and howling as smoke billows from its flesh. After a few more repeated blasts and the demon explodes, leaving just a scorch mark on the ground.

Heat vision. I have heat vision, I cheer in my head.


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Product Reviews

  1. "...regular high school students who just happen to have super-human abilities" 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Nov 2013

    "Jennifer Hartz has written a very engaging story. The point of view switches between the six main characters chapter by chapter, which allows the reader to get to know each one in some depth. The six students become good friends, bonding together as they fight off demons, one at a time, then several, and then twenty or more. In between battles, there is the usual teen angst over various romances, which makes the story very real. These students are regular high school students who just happen to have super-human abilities...

    ...Fans of the paranormal and fantasy will certainly enjoy Unleashed. This is the first book in a new series and I look forward to the Heroes of the Horde’s next adventure."

    Long and Short Reviews

  2. X-Men for a New Generation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2013

    Jennifer Hartz's transition to the Young Adult genre produces another stellar read. She deftly captures the spirit of being a teenager and all the drama involved. Coupled with mystical powers and six teens coping not only with being teenagers but suddenly thrust into being superheroes, Heroes of the Horde captured my imagination and swept me along for an amazing ride. As a fan of superheroes and comics in general, I totally fell into the story that harkened me back to the early days of Marvel Comics. This is the X-men for a new generation. I can give no higher praise than that, except to say once you're drawn into Jennifer Hartz's worlds, you just don't want to leave. Nuff Said!

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