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Heroes of Falledge Book Three: Scarlet Magi -- EPUB

  • Justina struggles to learn what she is capable of in her new witchy body, to save Falledge, to and determine which hot guy -- a newspaper reporter and a witch who can teach her -- she can't live her second life without.
Author :

Other Details

Release Date:
October 1, 2014
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri
Cover Model:
Angelina Cavanaugh
Photography Credit:
Taria Reed Studios

Product Description


Nicholas Adams, the Black Hellebore, has lost his powers, and now, Falledge needs a new superhero – or superheroine – to save the day.

Enter Justina Paige. Courtesy of Gavina the witch, Justina has a second chance at life. While Justina struggles to master her new magical abilities and tries to move on from Nicholas, she soon realizes that gruesome murders are the result of a twisted super villain, plus Gavina had an enemy who seeks her blood and is far stronger than Justina can hope to face and survive.

With the help of a hot newspaper writer and a male witch who Justina, and Gavina before her, is attracted to, Justina does everything she can to try to save the day even as she grows closer to the two men. If she fails, her friends and loved ones may die. She might too. And then all of Falledge will be destroyed.


The magic within Justina welled up, growing to a rumbling broil. When someone touched her, she jumped, and what little control she had on her magic lessened. Some flew out of her.

Her blackened vision cleared, and she recognized the man in front of her. The witch. Hawthorne. He looked battered, beaten. What had happened?

Her focus wavered as the magic grew again, fighting against her. She struggled to keep her awareness this time and did not flinch when Hawthorne touched her again. After a moment, he drew her to him, and she laid her head on his firm chest. His heartbeat pounded against her, strong, sure, steady, and she forced her breathing to match his.

"Breathe," he murmured against her hair.

She pulled away slightly, his arms still around her waist. "How is breathing supposed to help me with magic? What is this? Why is it happening? Why does it feel like there's so much more now?"

"A few second ago, you couldn't even talk."


His finger touched her lips then her temple. She could feel some of the magic leave her body and enter him. The dirt, the blood, the disheveled appearance fled from him, leaving him clean and whole again. Still in need of a shave, though.

"You stole some of my magic." She scowled at him and struggled from his hold.

Hawthorne's chuckle sounded like a deep rumble from his chest. "Surprised you noticed."

"'Cause my eyes are as blind as a bats."

He stared at her appraisingly. "You just might be able to handle it one day."

"My magic?"

"You have more than just magic. You have power."

A shiver ran through her as she moved his arm away. "So I really can be a superheroine then?"

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