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Happily Ever After Book Three: Forget Me Not -- EPUB

  • Nina Marcus' has never been one to embrace change--that is, until change strolls into her shop and grabs hold of her heart.

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Release Date:
Available July 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


Nina Marcus has had a love/hate relationship with change since she lost her husband in an enemy ambush in Afghanistan eight months before their child was born. Since then, she's worked hard to build a good life in Moonlight Cove, surrounded by her five-year-old daughter, her mother, her life-long friends, and her florist shop. The last thing she's interested in is change.

Jesse Oldfield's entire life has been nothing but change, and rarely for the better. He thought he was doing a good thing for his country when he created a high tech security program to keep track of all service personnel, but now, as he's was forced to face the two women whose lives he ruined--the widows of his two partners and best friends--he's not so sure.  As his life is about to shift again, can he hope that the winds change in his favor?


"Welcome to Forget Me Not." Her voice came out softer than usual, but the man gasped and whirled to face her. She recognized his struggle -- trying to keep from going into attack stance. Nina found herself stiffening.

Military. Figures.

"Hi."  The man strode to the counter with purpose, smiling, hand held out as he reached across to her. She allowed him to grasp her fingers. "First let me assure you I’m not a lunatic." He pointed to the arrangement of assorted blood red flowers. "That’s quite beautiful, by the way. You’re very good."

"Thank you." Sucking up after claiming not to be nuts. Never a good sign.  It was all she could do to keep her eyes from going narrow. Nina gently pulled from his grasp. "How can I help you, Mr..."

"Oldfield, ma’am. Jesse Oldfield. And you are?"

"Nina Marcus. I own this shop."

One eye twitched as if he were in pain, but he quickly recovered. "I’ll get straight to the point, Mrs. Marcus. I’m afraid I have a rather odd request." He rushed on and his smile faltered a bit. "I need a funeral arrangement."

"Not so odd." She folded her hands on the counter and offered him a wary smile as she tried to size up this man who claimed not to be a lunatic. "Florist. We do funeral arrangements all the time." She swallowed the uncooperative lump in her throat. "Quite a lot, this week."

"In the shape of a jock strap?" His smile turned into an apologetic grimace.

He lied.

Trying not to be too obvious, she estimated the number of steps from where she stood to her cell phone, and the ratio between the long stride of a man who stood over six feet tall against her barely over five. She smiled and meandered around the room deadheading spent blossoms from various hanging baskets. "Who is this... item for?"

 "Lloyd Bandy, ma’am." He winced and swallowed hard when her hands froze and she glared at him. "And I need it made out of dandelions."


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