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Happily Ever After Book Four: From This Day Forward -- EPUB

  • Cassie's spent the last seventeen years taking care of everyone around her. Can Wade's love teach her it's okay to put her own heart first?

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Release Date:
June 11, 2018
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

Citizens of Moonlight Cove refer to Cassie Richardson as Cinderella -- just not to her face. While her fingers were still reaching for adulthood, tragedy touched her and forced her life to change.

Surrounded by her four best friends, she survived by taking care of everyone around her, always the first one to arrive if someone needs help, and the last one to leave. Everyone else's needs are far more important than her own, and she likes it that way. No one will ever control her life again. Those are the rules and everyone knows them.

Everyone except a tenderhearted Life Flight chopper pilot who feeds off breaking rules. From the moment they meet, he's intrigued with the tough young wedding planner who tends to be everyone's mama and constantly forgets herself. Wade Copeland is determined to break hers rules, and teach her it's okay to put her heart first.


Wade Copeland stomped on his brakes as a used-to-be white panel truck pulling a trailer loaded down with pigs cut out of the gas station parking lot and right in front of him. The woeful, packed creatures peeked out between the slats with an expression he mused was a cross between an apology and a plea for help. Part of him felt sorry. The other part loved bacon too much. Still, he had a momentary twinge of guilt knowing there was a chance he'd just looked next week's breakfast in the eye. 

"What's your hurry?" he asked aloud. "There's no one behind me, and you have to stop at the same red light as me." 

A squawk sounded from the old CB radio that came with his old truck. 

Um... Hello? Can anybody hear me? SOS. Mayday.

Wade turned the sound up, praying he didn't recognize the speaker.

Somebody, please, I need help. My name is Wolf Oldfield Saifaga Kahoalani. I don't know how to use this thing, so I hope I'm doing this right. I live in Moonlight Cove, Georgia. I'm with my aunt's best friend, Cassidy Richardson, and we've had a bad accident. I'm not sure exactly where we are.

"Oh god." Wade ignored the horns as he cut across three lanes of traffic and jerked his Jeep into the Circle K parking lot. 

The boy's voice started to quake as panic seeped in, but he paused and took a deep breath. 

Um, we were coming back from my little sister's field trip and were on North Carolina highway sixty-four, but, a little over an hour ago, we crossed back into Georgia going west. We're weren't on a major highway because we were detoured because of a wreck. My aunt was taking back roads to highway seventy-six, I think. I'm calling from the radio inside a tanker truck -- not a fuel tanker -- milk, I think. It's lying across the road on its side, the cab is facing up in the air and the rest of it on its side. The driver is alive but unconscious. I don't see any blood, but he has a honking bruise on his forehead. I think he hit the steering wheel. No air bag. He lost control of the truck and was coming straight at us, but he flashed his lights and turned into the side of the mountain. The truck bounced back real hard and flipped over on its side and started sliding toward us. His voice broke and he paused again. Please, we need help. Can anyone hear me? Damn it, this thing doesn't even work.

He must have thrown the mic down, because Wade heard the line open. "Wolf, it's Wade. Only push the button when you want to speak, then let it go. Are you hurt?"

"Wade! Oh my god, I didn't know if I was doing this right. I found a blanket in the rig and I've covered the driver and tucked in the edges. Luckily, it's like he's lying down, but he's not waking up."

"It's okay. As long as he's breathing, I think it's okay for him to be unconscious. It'll keep him from trying to climb out of the truck. How are you guys?"

"I'm okay, and so is Tori, but Cassie's hurt bad."

"How bad?" Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath, Wade forced calm into his voice. "Can you describe her injuries?"

"I think her right arm is broken, it just hangs there. The front of the car caved in against her and I can't see her legs, but she motioned to me they were broken. I'm pretty sure her ribs are cracked, because she's having a little trouble breathing. The steering wheel is smashed right up against her but her airbag blew. Water is pouring in the car from under her feet. It won't go further than her shoulders though. Tori was blowing the whistle, and Cassie was answering with the other one she gave her, but--""

"What? Wolf? But what?"

"Cassie's stopped blowing."

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