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Hagen, Mary


When I was in seventh grade, my father, a teacher, signed me up for the school newspaper.  I was horrified.  I knew I couldn't write.  My first assignement was to do a piece on the governor of our state.  I had no choice but to write the article.  The newspaper printed the story with my name and I was thrilled.  Since that time I've written articles on a monthly basis.

I grew up on ranches in southeastern Wyoming.  I say ranches because my father, in addition to teaching, bought, fixed up, and sold ranches.  My mother called him a "rolling stone."  We moved along with my animals and those of my sister.  I had my own horse, my own dog, my own cat, and lambs I raised for 4-H projects, a wonderful learning experience.  Today I live on a fish farm with my husband and my dog, a standard poodle.  My long-haired cat disappeared and I haven't replaced him.  I'm without a horse, but I love to ride and do so every chance I get.  In addition to my farm chores, I enjoy alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and biking.    Reading is a favorite past-time.  My favorite subjects are history, biographies, and novels, both romances and mysteries.  I love the west inspite of the flaws and some of the questionable history so my books are located in the west and usually on ranches.  My family in addition to my husband includes one son, daughter-inlaw, two grandchildren, and two step grandchildren.