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Guardians of the Time Stream by Michelle Levigne

Far in the future, in a parallel Earth, the Revisionists created a device to let them go through time and change key events in history. The Originators followed them into the past to stop them. The Great Machine was dismantled, the pieces scattered among a dozen ancient cultures, hidden for all time -- and stranding Originators and Revisionists in the past. Their descendants clashed through the centuries as Revisionists tried to manipulate the course of history, and the Originators worked to stop them -- even then knowing that everything they did altered the history that their forebears knew.

Now, in the aftermath of the Civil War and the whirlwind of technological advances -- airships, steam engines, scientific discoveries -- the world is a smaller place, travel is faster, and there is leisure time for scholarly pursuits. Archeology has become a passion for scholars and nobility and the common man alike. Archeologists are digging up ancient civilizations, their knowledge and artifacts.

Secrets that should have remained buried through the ages are coming to light. The hiding places of the pieces of the Great Machine have been disturbed. While tomb robbers and other thieves of archeological treasures run rampant, not all of them do it for money. Revisionists are gathering their forces to make one last effort to change history to suit them. The Originators can no longer keep the pieces of the Great Machine hidden, but must find them and prevent reassembly.

The race is on.

Genre: Steampunk Women's Fiction

Books in Series: 3