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Guardians of the Time Stream Book Three: Music In The Night -- EPUB

  • Childhood friends struggle to reunite, protecting a heritage and secret that could decide the battle between Originators and Revisionists, and perhaps the future.

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Release Date:
October 1, 2017
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Ess and Carmen are childhood friends who only met in dreams. Orphaned and destitute, Carmen flees enemies she doesn't understand. Ess desperately seeks for her friend, knowing their enemies all too well.

Brogan is a creature of the darkness, his music stolen and his face scarred by tragedy. He leads an underground community of people left destitute by injustice and tragedy. Crystal in his flesh and bone allows him to hear Carmen sing in the night. When she takes refuge in his world of tunnels and shadows, she brings him hope that he isn't going mad after all.

Ess and Carmen finally meet, resolving puzzles more than twenty years old. A future of possibilities open before them, but only if they can defeat the Revisionists who will destroy them all to control crystal's power, the future, and rewrite the past.


A few squared timbers ran along the ceiling, and definite lines and angles showed where floor met walls met ceiling. A trestle table covered with papers sat near one wall, and several stools and a wooden swivel chair missing two slats in the back formed a rough circle in the center of the room. The walls and floor were still bare stone, but Carmen saw smooth spots where she imagined generations of feet had worn down the rough texture.

A pitcher and several cups sat on a tray on the table amid all the papers and books. Lemon slices floated in the cups of water. How long had it been since she had enjoyed the luxury of lemon slices in water? A sure sign of civilization.

Multiple candles lit the room. Carmen had never appreciated how much light a single candle could cast, until now. Eight candles. In brackets along two walls, in a lantern hung from the center of the ceiling, one fat candle on a little table in the center of the chairs, and two on tall candlesticks on the table, on either side of the pitcher.

One corner was filled with darkness, she realized, as she looked around and resisted the temptation to snatch up a cup of water and drink. She was a guest, after all, and needed to display good manners, despite being ready to collapse from thirst. That corner, she discerned after a moment, held a person.

"Hello." She set down her carpetbag and nodded respectfully, then clasped her hands in front of herself to keep them from shaking. Or reaching rudely for that water.

Silence. She wondered if she imagined the dark figure, if she only thought she sensed the solid form and someone breathing close by. Carmen glanced at Mouse. The little girl frowned, tipping her head to one side, and stared into the corner.

A low, warm, baritone chuckle spread through the room. A part of Carmen that she had learned to tuck away and ignore stretched out eagerly for the sound. Back when her father had been respected, men who laughed like that had been good friends, trusted, benefactors. Men with ideas and dreams and honor.

Since her father's death, Carmen had learned not to trust men who laughed. No matter how rich and warm the sound, that laughter contained an element of power, of superiority. Especially coming from shadows, from someone who hadn't introduced himself to her.

"Welcome," the man said. A hand emerged from the thick shadows, and Carmen realized he wore all black. She suspected he wore a hood, too, because that hand was large and light-skinned. "So you are the lady who sings and heals broken bones."

"I think there's some mistake." Carmen reached up to clasp her hand against her throat. It ached, as if she had forced the music last night. "I prayed over the child, nothing more."

"Hmm, then you are someone God listens to, when He ignores everyone else." That hand gestured at the water. "Please, drink. Have a seat."

Carmen hated how her hand trembled, and how quickly she snatched up the closest cup of water. She took a step back, reaching for the nearest stool, and didn't move it any closer to the table. Distance between her and the speaker would make her feel better.

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