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Gemina by Tamara McHatton with Lysa Demorest

The Thirteenth Twin Legion, known as a Gemina, became a key force in the Roman Empire's conquest of Gaul and Germania. The renowned commanders, Axilla and Ocella, must choose to defend their home or fight for the Romans. Death and tragedy lead the brothers-in-arms to far different fates that will be the ultimate test of their bond for each other and their loyalties.

The rebellion rises against the military and politicians with merchants and villagers caught between two nations. Brothers, lovers, and families, swept into the rising tides of war, divide their allegiance. Trading routes turn into spy rings while the heroes decide where their futures lie. Do they live in the freedom of rural Germania or submit to the tyranny of a Roman emperor?

Legends emerge when citizens challenge the threat to their land and their way of life. For a legion that once knelt to an emperor, warrior and merchant alike must decide who earns their loyalty as their ranks grow in the fire of rebellion. Love and honor will bring an empire to its knees when heroes change the fate of Germania.

Books in Series: 2

Genre: Historical with Romance Elements