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Future Savior by Jennifer Hartz

Christina Vaughn has a normal life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, until one day she's transported to the fantastical land of Meric. Within her first twenty minutes in this crazy place she's been attacked by man-eating Vaipes, learned her father was a power wielding Guardian, and discovered that the silvery-blue eyes intriguing her for her whole life belong to her Watcher, Shaw. Oh yeah… and she's the prophesied Savior who's supposed to save Meric from a war-mongering tyrant who can manipulate people's thoughts and control their minds.

Christina is thrust headfirst into the ongoing war for all of Meric. The amazing beings and races of this She'll need to learn to control her ever growing powers -- and her ever growing feelings for Shaw -- as she tries to save the people of Meric.

Past, present, and future unfold as Christina is bounced back and forth between her new existence in Meric and other places and times she could only dream of seeing. It's only by fully embracing the Guardian she is meant to be can Christina bring peace to Meric, but the cost might be her life or her heart.

Books in Series: 5

Genre: Christian Speculative Fiction Romance