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Future Savior Book Two: Resurrection -- EPUB

  • Christina is dead and now she has to relive horrible memories from her past.  Will she ever get back to Meric?  Back to Shaw?
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Release Date:
June 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Time matters very little when you're dead. Christina discovered this intriguing fact after being tortured and stabbed to a tree in the strange land of Meric. A place where she experienced the most amazing journey anyone could have ever imagined.

Now that she's dead, she finds herself stuck in the past, 1991 to be exact. She's reliving some horribly awkward teenage memories. This adventure through time is almost like that awful dream where you're stuck back in high school, giving a speech, completely naked. Although, luckily for Christina, she has clothes.

Maybe it is just a dream. Christina doesn’t know for sure, but there is one thing she desperately needs to find out. Will she ever get back to Meric… get back to Shaw?


"You know," Shaw began returning his gaze back out the window, deep in concentration, "I have a theory I'd like you to try out. I think I may know why you're young again, but I want you to try something. I'm guessing you had powers in Meric, right?"

"Yeah... how did you know that?"

"You're the prophesied Savior and you're King Davis' daughter. Of course you have powers," he said as if this were the most common thing in the world. "What powers did you have?"

"Well I had visions of the past and future and I could move things with my mind," I replied.

"Telekinesis, that's good. Alright, I want you to try and move something right now."

"But I didn't have powers when I was seventeen. I didn't develop them until I entered Meric when I was thirty."

"Just try," he urged.

I rolled my eyes. What was he expecting? This wasn't going to work. I looked out the window and noticed Shaw had pulled the car over right next to a cow pasture. We were in a very rural part of town. There was a wooden fence containing about three-dozen chocolate brown cows. The grass was a lush green and there were some large oak trees dotted along the rolling hills of the pasture.

I got out of the car and Shaw followed me. I looked out over the pasture and wondered if this was really going to work. I sincerely doubted it, but I decided to humor Shaw. I focused my attention on a small calf not far from where we were standing and I raised my hand in a sweeping motion towards it. Then, much to my astonishment, everything in the entire field, cows, fence posts, trees, and rocks as far as the eye could see shot like a rocket a good twenty feet straight up into the air.

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