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Fury Vengeance -- EPUB

  • Ellie and Yas must join with all the Fury hunters they know to save Hunter and locate the artifact to make the cure.
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Release Date:
September 21, 2016
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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With Hunter gone, Ellie and Yas must team up with the rest of the Fury hunters.  Their goals are simple: track down Hunter and locate the artifact to make the cure.  The only problem is that Fury hunters don't take to kindly to people who have been marked and Ellie's been marked for weeks.

Friends become enemies and the threat of Clara lurks overhead as they learn of a full-fledged Fury army she's created. The hunters are severely out numbered and the only thing that can help them is the cure.

The race is on and the Fury hunters have get to the artifact and stop Clara's army at the same time.  Even stranger things unfold as Ellie learns more about the Hunter's past and the story the Payne brothers have been telling Ellie since the beginning leads to an amazing revelation. Is Ellie's unexpected happy ending much different than she anticipated? 


The strong arms weave around my waist from behind and I try to steady my heart. His warm breath grazes my neck. This makes calming myself practically impossible.

"Are you sure you're ready to do this, Ellie?" Yas Payne whispers in my ear.

"Of course I'm sure," I reply, tilting my head a fraction of an inch to try and catch his eye. His emerald gaze is not focused on me and I wonder if he's thinking about his brother.

"Hunter will be pissed."

Yep, he's thinking about his brother.

"Hunter's not here," I say and I'm surprised to find my voice steady, resolved, the sadness it normally holds when I talk about Hunter diminished in this intense moment.

"If you're sure," Yas says. His inflection suggesting I've lost my mind, but he hugs my body tighter.

Before I have a chance to react, Yas completely changes tactics. Instead of going for an easy take down -- which is what I was anticipating -- he spins away, but keeps contact with my wrist. In one fluid movement he's got me wrapped up in a tight arm bar.

Trying to rely on what little training I've had, I force my momentum forward with the hopes of sending Yas careening over my torso. It doesn't work. He's far too skilled and easily corrects his balance, all the while twisting my arm harder behind my back.

I give a cry of pain, but he doesn't relinquish the hold.

"I don't even think you're trying. How are we gonna save Hunter if you can't even get out of a simple arm bar. If I was a Fury, you'd be turned by now," Yas gripes.

"Lucky for me, you're not a Fury," I retort, slamming the back of my head hard against his nose. I hear a painful crunching sound and Yas releases me. As quick as I can, I pull the knife from my belt and launch myself to where Yas staggers pinching the bridge of his nose. With the knife firmly held against Yas's neck, I grin and gloat, "Because if you were a Fury, you'd be dead by now."

The sound of clapping meets my ears and I turn around to see Grandpa Ray standing off to the side of our sparring mat. The old cowboy is smiling at me, applauding my victory.

"Nice work, Ellie," he states.

"Nice work? She practically broke my nose," Yas grumbles, dabbing his nose with his fingers then checking for blood. "We're training, not gladiatoring."

"Ah, you'll be fine," Grandpa Ray says dismissively.

"Gladiatoring?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at Yas.

"If you can cheat during training, I can make up words."

"I didn't cheat."

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Whatever," he grumbles.

"For cryin' out loud, you two sound like toddlers… or an old married couple," Grandpa Ray says.

"Me? Married to her? Pshaw!" Yas replies as if the idea is completely beneath him.

"Did you really just use the word pshaw?" I ask.

"What are you today? The grammar police?" Yas snarks.

"The grammar police would die if they had to hang around you."

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