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Fury by Jennifer Hartz

Ellie Burke enjoyed her simple, early twenties, life of a mindless job and bar hopping until one night when she's marked by a Fury. Now her only hope of not to be turned into an evil heart-eating beast is to join Hunter and Yas Payne, two Fury hunters. One wants to protect Ellie, the other thinks they should kill her now before it's too late.

As they travel the country Hunter and Yas take turns telling Ellie the history of how they became Fury hunters.  Present and past weave together as Ellie learns the truth about Hunter's mysterious ways.  Can Hunter protect Ellie from being turned into a Fury? Can Ellie keep herself from falling for Hunter? Is there any way to cure both of them from the Fury poison within? The answers for the future may be held in the past, back farther than either of them can possibly imagine.

To keep from being turned, Ellie must train to become a Fury hunter herself. And to track down the object that might actually save both her and Hunter, they need to travel to the most obscure and ancient parts of the map.  Supernatural myths and religious histories combine, making the impossible possible. But Ellie and Hunter face the unbearable. What if the only way you can save the person you love is to kill them?

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Books in Series: 2