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Who owns Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. and what experience do they have to run a publishing company?

Gail Delaney and Jenifer Ranieri are the owners of Desert Breeze Publishing. Gail Delaney is a multi-published, award-winning author of romance in multiple genres. She is an experienced editor and a scholar of the English language. Prior to opening DBP, she held positions as acquisitions editor, senior editor, and executive editor. She also holds a degree in business management.

Jenifer Ranieri is a writer and a self-proclaimed voracious and critical reader of romance. She has made it her mission in life to determine what works and what doesn't work in a book, as well as what doesn't work on the outside -- mainly cover art. She is a skilled artist with an eye for detail, and determined to make Desert Breeze stand out for what we produce -- quality. Jenifer has won numerous cover art awards, as have the artists who work under her guidance at DBP.

Although not an owner, Patrick Delaney will be actively involved in the company as the 'money man' aka Chief Financial Officer. Patrick holds several degrees in accounting and has nearly 20 years of experience in budgeting, forecasting and daily bookkeeping, 13 years of which were in the newspaper publishing industry. He keeps Gail and Jenifer grounded when their aspirations approach the lofty.

Is Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. a royalty-paying publisher?

Yes. Authors will be paid a percentage of the sale price for every copy sold. This percentage will vary only slightly based on the location of the sale. All books sold via our storefront will pay the author 35% of net. All books sold through third party vendors, (such All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sony, Kobo and Apple's iBookstore, etc), will receive 40% of net. We intend to commit ourselves to promoting not only our authors, but the company as a whole. Proper promotion equals more sales, and more sales equals happier authors.

We are not a vanity or subsidiary publisher.

At this time, we do not pay advances.

What do you consider editing? Do you just proofread, or do you provide advice and constructive editing?

Chances are that if your novel requires extensive edits for grammar, structure, craft and plot -- we will not offer a contract.

However, when we edit, we edit thoroughly. We're not just going to change spelling errors or typographical errors or grammatical problems. We are going to give advice on better sentence structure, word choice and sometimes even minor deletions and additions. We're not going to rewrite your story -- If we offered a contract, it's because we like the story -- but we'll make suggestions about how to improve it, if we feel it's prudent.

What is the average time from contract to publication?

Due to the overwhelming response of authors and readers, our 'dance card' has filled up nicely. We don't like to schedule beyond the next calendar year unless it's a series, and then we'll schedule every release so everyone knows exactly where they stand.

We began releasing new titles three times a month in 2012. This will allow us to bring on more books and provide the reader with more options.

Who does the cover art?

All cover art will be created by owner Jenifer Ranieri, or by independent outside artists whom she contracts to complete specific projects. See our catalog for examples of her work. As time goes on and the volume dictates additional artists, Jenifer will still keep a firm hand on the quality of work produced.

As an author, how involved can I be in the creation of cover art?

We want you involved, and as involved as possible. Upon signing your contract, you will be given a questionnaire to complete with as much detail as you want. That information will be used, coupled with discussions in house about your manuscript, to create a cover 'mock up'. Once a cover design is settled between the author and Marketing Director, a final product will be created.

Ultimately, the final decision will be at the discretion of the Marketing Director; however, we want everyone to be pleased with the final product. And right now, we've got pretty good track record going.

Do you now, or will you be in the future, offering print release of your books?

In late 2012 we began releasing our back catalogue in print, our choice for print publication based on sales in ebook format. As of the most recent update to this FAQ page, all new releases are going to print either the same month of ebook release or the month following. If a book is not available in print, there may be a specific reason, but the huge majority of our books are already and will continue to be available in print. 

Note: Print books are not sold via the DBP storefront. Rather, in most cases, we provide a link to other vendors for print book purchasing. Print books are available primarily and most easily through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online ordering. 

What will Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. do to promote themselves as well as their authors?

We believe in promotions and marketing. Authors can expect to see occasional print ads in the RomanticTimes magazine as well as other print publications. We will also promote through review sites and other venues. We will be active attendees at conventions and will coordinate online activities.

We also intend to help our authors with their promotional efforts. We won't leave you dangling. We will talk with you and help you get ideas to promote your work in both traditional and unique ways. We will help by providing you with some promotional materials, as well. When you receive your cover art, you will also receive banners and icons made specifically for you. These are just examples of the promotional assistance you can expect.

Can I see a copy of your contract?

Our contract stands as a legal document between Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. and an author to whom we have offered publication. As such, we do not offer the boilerplate for public review. Should you have any questions regarding your contract after you have received it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our contract has been carefully reviewed for legality and fairness to all parties. For this reason, we do not consider the terms of the contract negotiable. No changes will be made to any contract clauses.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please email us at our customer service email and we will get back to you. If it's a question we think would benefit our readers and potential authors by being listed on this page, we will add it for future reference.