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Endless Knights by Laurel Hawkes

No matter the age, a man of honor desires to prove himself, like a knight of old, to the woman who holds his heart. A woman of honor expects the man she loves to give nothing less than his best.

Bound by a past that forged a deep and abiding friendship, four men in Regency England seek to embrace the future awaiting them. One wicked man represents everything they despise and seeks their ruin, targeting them one by one.

Love possesses the power to change a man who gives himself over to its healing, something a woman knows intuitively, though past experience may teach them to be wary. Love requires a man reveal his vulnerabilities, his imperfections, his faults. God often sends angels to lend aid, and sometimes the angel is in the form of a woman, a helpmate, as imperfect, flawed, and vulnerable as the man for whom she's made.

Books in series: 4

Genre: Christian Regency Romance

Sequel series to Endless Possibilities