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Eden on the Frontier -- EPUB

  • Eden Anna Blair, age seventeen, Scots-Irish lass on the 1772 Pennsylvania frontier. Challenges abound, including courtship with an intense young schoolmaster as revolution brews.
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June 11, 2017
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Gwen Phifer

Product Description

A time of new beginnings brings out the best and worst in any family.

Spring 1772 on the colonial Pennsylvania frontier. Eden Anna Blair, age seventeen, travels with her family of Scots-Irish pioneers via packhorses to search for land near the Forks of the Ohio. A ten-day walk in a long caravan of farmers and traders can test anyone’s mettle.

During the trek, Eden finds friendship with three impressive young men. Daniel and Donovan Briggs are brothers who labor as tree cutters and proudly push a cart of their own tools. Solomon Redding, educated but poor, is headed to a plantation where he’ll tutor a rich family’s sons.

It will be at least a year before Eden is free to marry anyone. As oldest daughter, her family needs her help while they buy land and build a cabin. Eden is confident she can face any hardship but the heady experience of falling in love. 


I stare down at my clenched hands, embarrassed by my sudden rush of feelings. I know I'm blushing because my face feels as hot as fire, and it's not from the sun hitting my back. I can't help the attraction I feel toward Daniel and Donovan at this moment and the only confusion I have comes from not being able to choose one young man over the other.

I suppose it will all come down to which of those two asks Father for my hand. It's their decision, not mine. Their will to act, not mine. Will one brother step aside for the other? Maybe one of them will find a young miss that suits him better than me. Fine, I hope things work out well for all of us.

And there's still Solomon, who has been very pleasant to me, but he has prospects so much higher than mine. Young women of means are being dangled before him. I could never offer him anything close to what a woman with financial blessings could bring to a marriage.

This means that Daniel and Donovan are my only reasonable choices. Mama always told me I'll know when a fellow is the one for me. But she never said that the search would hold so many complications.

Mr. Dunford the plantation owner regards me with dark disapproval for coming here dressed like a boy. Solomon appears apologetic as he walks beside him with Amos Briggs trailing them both. I hear Solomon say, "I couldn't refuse her, sir. She'll tell you why she came."

"Nothin' she can say is reason enough. It's not decent for a girl to dress like a boy." He glares at Solomon. "Why'd you bring her around, Master Redding?"

"I'm found out, sir. Good day to you all." I rise to my feet, ripping off my cap. They can see my mound of hair pinned high on my head. If they see my look of defiance, no matter. I can face all of them head-on. I know my place in the Blair family. I'm the firstborn daughter and eldest child.

I'm on a mission that affects my own future. I address the owner of this land accordingly.

"Good day to you, Mr. Dunford." I hold my cap to my chest and neither bow like a boy or curtsey like a girl before her betters. "I'm Eden Anna Blair. My father is Jacob Blair. I came to check on the health of my friends. They left without saying goodbye."

My words amuse him. "You know this girl?" he asks Amos Briggs.

Wide smile from my possible future father-in-law. "It's my boys that know 'er. She'll marry one of 'em someday, I reckon."

"You're certain of it, are you?" Mr. Dunford pronounces the word 'sartain' which sounds very Irish to my ears. "You think your boys would welcome her here? Donovan and..."

"Daniel," his father provides the name. "They're sweet on her, sir. But they still got their minds on their work. Best axmen you've seen in a good spell, you were sayin'."

"Their work is a credit to them. But I can't lose my best workers. Not when I need to get this hill cleared for planting."

Everyone stares my way and I face Mr. Dunford head on, not apologizing for anything. I've no desire to give away my plans. Especially since I don't know yet what they are.

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