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Echoes of the Heart by Naomi Musch

In 1917, America's involvement in the Great War has become unavoidable, and war's wake leaves wounds so deep and heartaches so raw, only the echoes of the heart can express them.

Farmer's daughter Marilla Eckert marries the man of her dreams, yielding him every part of her heart, but while he is entrenched overseas, she faces the bitter realization that his devotion has always belonged to another. Pursuing his favor is one thing, but when heartache strikes on every front and her resolve wears thin, the offer of comfort -- and even love -- from another is hard to resist.

Gwendolyn Smith hasn't known real love since she was a small child. Making her way from orphanage, to life on the street, to singing in the prohibition world of speakeasies and underground clubs of the '20s, she's keeping secrets and telling lies. She fears the man she's running from, but the handsome, good, old fashioned man she's drawn to thinks she's a bit too fresh and worldly for him. Yet, even he has a past to contend with.

Through days of dread and fires of affliction, to times of hope for love's healing balm, their lives after the war must be forged anew and their expectations forced to change. Only then can hearts wounded by suffering and fear echo again with expressions of joy.

Books in Series: 2

Genre: Christian Vintage Historical Romance