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Echoes of the Heart Book Two: The Softest Breath -- EPUB

  • Gwen’s desperation touches Jacob, but he knows her thoroughly modern type. Not at all an old-fashioned, wholesome girl like the one he can’t forget.
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Release Date:
May 21, 2018
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Modern girls seemed always in a hurry. Now the one who slammed into Jacob Hessman on the street near St. Paul's Union Depot has boarded his train. He knows her type: flapper-chic in her bobbed hair and stylish dress, so different from the sweet, country-bred kind of girl who once filled his heart.

Gwendolyn Smith's window to escape Hugh Phelps is closing fast. Performing in speak-easies and underground clubs has left her mistrustful of most men, but the big fellow she plows into on her flight to the station seems safe enough to attach herself to for short term protection.

Friendship unfolds, but Gwen hides behind lies, wishing she might deserve such a God-fearing man as Jacob, and Jacob’s pursuit of a perfect wife conflicts with his mounting concern for Gwen. Meanwhile, Hugh is catching up. For Jacob and Gwen, trapped in their pasts and misconceptions, the time for truth and love is running out.


A couple at the next table glanced their way, and Jacob's face reddened. He sat back, and they both fell into disconcerting silence while the waitress brought their soup and sandwiches. He stared at his plate for a long time without eating or looking at her. Finally his eyes lifted her way again. "It is a lot to take in. Do you plan, then, to return to singing?"

"With Hugh?" She frowned. Was that what he thought? She shook her head. "No. I was running from Hugh the day we met. I got on the train because…" She swallowed. "Because you did. I could see what kind of man you were the moment we met, the moment I ran into you. You were kind and… and generous. You were safe. I didn't know where to go, so I just followed you."

Jacob drew back and blinked. That seemed to surprise him more than anything she had told him so far. He laid aside his spoon and wiped his mouth on a napkin as a small frown creased his brow. 

She leaned forward and reached over. With a boldness she didn't feel, she covered one of his hands with hers. His fingers twitched beneath hers, but at least he didn't pull away. "Hugh came here after looking everywhere else. He found me and wants me to return, yes." She shook her head again. "I don't want to go with him. I want him to leave me be. That life we had... I don't want it anymore. Ever. This… this start you've given me, first with the job, and then the church, and then... then our friendship…” She pressed his hand. “It's a life I've wanted for so long. I just want Hugh to understand that."

He grasped her fingers, and the softest breath escaped her lips at the feeling charging up her arm and into her heart. Did he finally believe her?

After a moment he gently let go and picked up his spoon again. "Where is he now?"

She lowered her lashes. "In my room at Mrs. Grant's. He's hiding there. I'll lose my place if she finds out."

He dipped the spoon into his soup. "Eat your dinner, Pam--" He bit his lip. "Eat, Gwendolyn. I'll walk you home."

Was that it? He wasn't going to say anything more? Did he forgive her? Did he believe her? Did he even want to? Was he just going to leave her to deal with Hugh on her own? Her soup was tasteless. Her heart lay like lead in her stomach.

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