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Echoes of the Heart Book One: The Deepest Sigh -- EPUB

  • His passion is unquenched, her love unrequited. Their marriage is desperate, and the world is at war. Can such hungry hearts find their true homes?
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Release Date:
August 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Seventeen year old Marilla Eckert is in love with Langdon "Lang" Prescott, her family's hired farm hand, unaware of his passionate feelings toward her older sister Delia. When Delia weds a longtime beau, Lang settles for Marilla instead, despite his continued longing and intent to someday win Delia away from her husband. Marilla soon realizes where Lang’s devotion truly lies, yet she presses on, bearing his children, convinced she can still gain his love.

Then America steps into the Great War. The men are sent a world away to fight, and Marilla's cares, coupled with the lack of her husband’s favor, finally wear her thin. When heartache and disaster strikes on every front, and Marilla’s hour of need leads her elsewhere for comfort, will each of them wind up too broken to ever find their hearts' true homes?


Delia's veiled hair was like a crown of glory in the sunlight. Lang admired her a moment longer and then looked back at Rilla. Her face was still turned to the crowd. Some wisps of hair had come loose from her chignon and feathered her cheek in the gentle breeze. The sleeves of her dress moved against her arms, and the hem of her skirt flirted with her legs. In a sudden flash, he saw it. She would never be the beauty Delia was, but she had grown. She'd changed in subtle ways.

"I guess I'll go eat now." She turned away.

He spoke quickly to stop her. "When did you say your birthday is?"

"In thirteen days."

"And you're going to be fifteen?"

She scowled at him.

He laughed. She was a funny thing. "Oh, that's right. It's been three years. So that makes you..." he pretended to count on his fingers, puzzling over it. "Why you're right. That makes you coming on eighteen." He gave her a steady look. "I guess you really are old enough for a suitor."

Rilla surprised him by drilling him with her full gaze. "That's right, Lang. I'm all grown up."

That was one thing she had on Delia, her amazing, ocean-colored eyes. Not quite blue and not quite green. Her eyes were beautiful. They stared at each other for a moment, and he looked her up and down, testing her. "I guess you are." She didn't have the luscious curves Delia had, and she never would. She was a skinny thing, tall and smart. He had always thought Rilla was smart, but she had filled out enough to show she wasn't fourteen anymore.

She blushed. The color crept up her throat and sent a flush to her pale cheeks. Lang glanced toward the tables again where Delia leaned close to whisper something to Theo. So angelic. So fine. Was his last chance with her truly over?

Maybe not.

Might she tire of Theo after a time? Women did. Marriages grew stale. She'd be a happy new bride for a while, but someday the newness would wane, and once again, she might wish to know someone hadn't grown too used to her, and she was still desired. She would always be lovely. Always.

The thoughts came over him all at once in the brief instant he looked at her. I can still have Delia if I don't give up. He would have to wait for her a while longer, but he had no plans to leave. He liked the work of the farm. In the meantime, he might save his money until the day he could convince her to go away with him. She'd be willing to leave Theo one day, but she wouldn't want to stay so close to Theo's family. Lang would take her far enough away so they could start their own life, but not so far she would never see her own family again. To Minnesota maybe or downstate.

How long would the waiting take? A year? Two? It didn't matter. He would bide the time for her as long as it took. A spark of anger kindled inside him. He would have Delia. She would want to belong to him eventually. However... He glanced again at Rilla, young, fresh, and hoping for a passion like her sister had. Lang narrowed his focus. There was no reason he should wait like a eunuch. Even Jacob in the Bible had Leah while he waited for her sister Rachel.

"Do you mind if I join you at the table, Rilla, or are you required to sit with family?"

"No, I don't have to. I'd like that." The corners of her lips turned upward.

What if it turned out Delia waited years to open her arms to him? If that happened, Lang would have someone to hold onto until then, someone as close to Delia as he could get. Maybe it would be a little bit like having Delia. At least he could imagine Rilla was she.

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  1. When God makes things right. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2018

    The ups and downs for Rilla and Lang's relationship was both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Jacob played an important roll in Rilla's life while Lang was gone to war and yet neither of them crossed the line when it came to their friendship. I admired that quality in both of them and that even at times when Rilla's relationship with God wasn't what it should have been, God held her heart for Lang. I am looking forward to the next chapter in their lives, so I'm anxiously awaiting Book 2!

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