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Duty with Honor by Jordan Bollinger

From the very beginning of their romance, Elizabeth Bennett and Andrew Oliver knew there were going to problems. Being partners in a relationship is difficult enough. When you're business partners, as well, it's even harder. When you work for MI-6, things can really be tough. But, when it's the family business, life just gets more interesting.

Beth's brother, Richard Emery, is a Grammy winning song writer, her birth father, Sir Roger Emery, is one of the most respected agents that ever graced the halls of MI-6, her adoptive father, General Joseph Morgan, US Air Force -- Retired, is equally respected by the US government, and their best friend, Jack Lloyd, works for the CIA. With a mix like this, they don't even need to be 'working' to get into scrapes. Trouble just tends to find them. They collect old adversaries and new enemies, alike.

Both Elizabeth and Andrew have past issues to work through. Drew's continuing to get back to where he was mentally before his first wife died. In his line of work, you make enemies, but one of his is close, content for the moment in merely playing juvenile tricks and taunting him. Beth realizes she's no longer the confident woman she once was. So, one of her first priorities is to toughen up. And, while not the most difficult or dangerous, Beth's ex-husband, Tom Bennett, is a tough one. He's convinced he'll win Beth back -- if he's persistent enough.

Add to this, their personal assistant, Ruth Fitzpatrick, is dating Jack, Richard's grown children -- being themselves, and old girlfriends of Andrew's, buzzing around. Life is never dull. But to them, it's just another day!

Books in series: 7

Genre: Romantic suspense