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Duty With Honor Book Three: Hunted Honeymoon -- EPUB

  • Andrew's fairytale Monte Carlo honeymoon didn't include random attacks, constant harassment, or tampered food items. And, it certainly didn't include dead bodies.
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Release Date:
October 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Andrew Oliver took great care in arranging for everything to be perfect for Elizabeth's fairytale honeymoon. But things aren't going as planned -- in fact, they're going downhill fast. Even with extra protection from Beth's father, accidents and calamities continue to pile up. Runaway taxis might be chalked up to chance, but spiked bottles of champagne cannot.

And, while the couple is used to dodging bullets -- both literally and figuratively -- the bobbing and weaving to avoid danger is seriously cutting into their luxurious and romantic honeymoon.

As things continue to escalate from mere annoyances to vicious attacks, the newlyweds are beginning to wonder if they'll both make it through their honeymoon alive.


The man swiveled away from Drew, and smiling, added, "You missed something." His hands moved so fast they were little more than a blur. And then Drew caught the glint of a knife. He tried bringing up his gun, but the man spun back, driving his shoulder into Drew's chest, and throwing off his aim.

Damn, this guy was faster than he had any right to be. Drew slammed his elbow into the narrow face, then twisted back and away. He tried to find space to move, but this guy was on him like a gnat, pinning his gun arm against him. What Drew couldn't understand was why the man didn't use his knife.

Drew chopped down on the man's neck, but his hand glanced off the bunched trapezium muscles. And then, he felt the cold tip of the nasty-looking knife at his throat. Now it was his turn to mutter, "Oh, shit!"

"You can say that again," the man said to him, beaming. His long face was shining with sweat and his right eye was beginning to swell shut. However, he still appeared undaunted, as he held up the knife and said, "Isn't is a beauty? It's an antique, a family heirloom, and a true work of art. I'm not surprised you didn't find it. I had the sheath custom-made for it."

But, he didn't loosen his grip on Drew's arm, and added, "Don't even think about moving. I could slice your throat before you finish the thought. That's how fast I am."

"You might want to stop congratulating yourself. I'm still the one holding both guns."

"You can't very well use either of them like that," the stranger taunted. Then he shrugged and added, "But, if you want to shoot your own foot off, be my guest."

"That's true, but my gun is pointed at your heart."

Both men revolved around slowly, to see Beth standing on the far side of the railing, with her gun, indeed, pointing at the stranger's chest.

Smiling, Drew asked, "Now what?"

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