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Duty With Honor Book Five: An Unexpected Pause -- EPUB

  • The Oliver marriage was bliss, until tragedy, illness and false accusations forced Beth to bolt. Andrew wants her back. Someone else wants her dead.
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Release Date:
June 21, 2014
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Andrew and Elizabeth Oliver are settling nicely into married life. While Beth is taking classes at Quantico, Drew's working from Washington -- usually in conjunction with their friend, Jack Lloyd.

Then the day after she's achieved her scuba certification, Fitz calls with exciting news -- Sir Anthony has an assignment for Beth in London. Even though things don't go as planned, Elizabeth does a stellar job.

However, she and Andrew, along with the rest of the family are in for some surprises. Triumph and joy give way to tragedy and illness. And then to false accusations, panic, and flight. Pushed to her emotional limits, Beth bolts.

Her family wants her back. Someone else wants her dead.


"Natalia, why have you suddenly become so disagreeable? We've been having such a pleasant afternoon. What happened?"

"You made mistake. You never should have asked me about Sergei. No one at the consulate knows about him -- at least by that name. Which is just how I intend to keep it."

"This isn't particularly comfortable, Natalia. And, there's no reason for such extreme measures. After all, you mentioned Sergei, I didn't."

Natalia came into Beth's view. She was in the process of tying off a knot, when she paused, before shaking her head vehemently. "No. No, it wasn't me. Now be quiet! You're giving me a headache, and I need to think."

Her curiosity aroused, Elizabeth crept closer to the archway, and peeped around, to see into the room. It was all she could do to not burst out into laughter. Andrew hung by his ankles from a block and tackle they'd found quaint when they'd rented the apartment, two months before. And, what she found even funnier, was -- even in this precarious position -- he was trying to charm his way out of the situation.

Natalia, however, was not succumbing to his usually successful allure. Instead, she was snatching up her clothes and pulling them on as fast as she could manage. She was bent over, groping beneath the sofa for an elusive shoe, when Beth crept up behind her, knocked her out cold, and quickly trussed her up with duct tape, before turning her attention to Drew.

As soon as she looked up to him, he flashed a smile. "Very nicely done, Sweetheart." He was naked, with his wrists bound behind him with duct tape -- which explained how she'd found the roll conveniently located on the coffee table a moment earlier.

Squirming beneath (or rather, above) Beth's gaze, he told her, "I know this appears strange. But, I assure you, it isn't what it looks like…"

"It looks," she answered back, smiling, "as if you and your little playmate, here, were having a bit of an afternoon romp, when she got suspicious over something you said, so she tied you up, and probably would have killed you, if I hadn't come in."

"All right," he conceded. "It's exactly as it looks. But, I can explain. Now, if you'll just let me down, I'll give you a proper hello kiss. And, we can change for the theatre, and talk about Natalia over drinks.

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