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Duty With Honor Book Eight: Tipping Point -- EPUB

  • 9/11 accelerates the opening of the Oliver estate -- now a multi-purpose government facility -- a security breach forces our heroes to save the day.
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Release Date:
February 21, 2016
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Gwen Phifer

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Originally, MI-6 expected to use the Oliver estate as a conference center and safe house. But, it will now be used for debriefings, detaining prisoners for indefinite periods of time, and a kind of 'finishing school' for spies.

Sarah has an apartment on the third floor -- to both remove her from the path of an ex-boyfriend, to be company for her aunt -- who is not particularly convinced of their newest assignment.

The 9/11 attacks are the final straw for Jack Lloyd, already disheartened by how the US has ignored the information Beth provided the summer before. He resigns, and moves to England.

Sir Roger is brought on board to help with the MI-6 candidates, because they feel there's a mole in the group.

And, Beth is trying a new debriefing technique on their first guest -- a high level terrorist.

Things seem to be going along nicely, until one of the candidates end up dead.


"And, your aunt and I thought you might like to have a studio here. You're close enough to go to town when you want. You're near your family and friends. But, you are safe from Evan's possible stalking.

"You can see how much space there is on this floor. At one time, there were several children's bedrooms, a nursery with a bedroom off it for the baby nurse, nanny's bedroom, the nursery kitchen, several bathrooms, this sunny playroom, and schoolroom. It's practically the size of a semi-attached home in any London suburb. The contractor has finished all of the main house renovations, and has promised that he can remodel this floor for you in less than a month. So, you could come back from New York to have a new apartment and studio to furnish.

"I took the liberty of having the architect draw up several plans, and I also had him print out a number of plain floor plans for you to play with. If you're interested in this, you have an appointment with him Monday morning at ten o'clock."

"That's very generous of you and Aunt Beth, but--"

"Before you respond, let me finish. You would also be doing me a favor, as well. You'd be company for your aunt -- who is still not particularly happy about this assignment. Although, you would have to agree to give her the odd painting class, every now and again."

"Aunt Elizabeth doesn't need lessons," Sarah insisted. "She paints lovely water colors. The problem is our styles are so different. And, because she doesn't paint as I do, she thinks her paintings aren't any good."

"I know," Andrew said, grinning. Then his face became more serious and said, "However, there is something else..."

"And then do I get to see your bedrooms? Finally?"

"I promise." He paused for a moment. "You do know what this place is going to be, don't you?"

"Oh yes," Sarah nodded. "I'm not Granddad's granddaughter for nothing. Although the ministry is calling it a 'conference center,' I know what it is. This is to be combination of a safe house, a Swiss finishing school, and a gilded cage -- an extremely elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious gilded cage."

Drew gave a wry laugh, and said, "How very aptly put. Yes, it sometimes will be a gilded cage -- for the most part -- but, there will be times when it will merely be a cage. While you will be free to come and go as you please...there will be...ah...a certain protocol you'll need to follow."

Sarah let out a loud laugh, and told him, "As if there aren't certain protocols to follow at home, or at Granddad's?"

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