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Duty and Devotion -- EPUB

  • During war the heart often suffers the most. Two sisters caught in the chaos strive to defend their people and come out whole.
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Release Date:
June 15, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Older sister Nettie wasn't sure what the militia thought she was, but she knew it wasn't a space fighter pilot on the front line. But Dad always pressed the importance of duty to your territory. Now she has to figure out how to survive in a place she never imagined ending up. Keeping things interesting is a very overconfident competitor, James.

Through it all, she got her younger sister Rinny. Or she believed until the moment she lost her.

As for Rinny, the Mars facility gives her chances to break family expectation and she thrives in ground combat training. She also learns life off the concert stage can be just as rewarding when she makes her first real friend and meet Daniel, who could might be "the one". He's a little more reluctant and it turns out he has a reason, a secret involving Rinny. After the enemy attacks her facility and kills he best friend, Daniel disappears. Now captured, Rinny must fight behind enemy lines to help her people remain free, and live to return home.


The transport ship was packed. Nettie felt like she was going to suffocate, or go crazy from all the noise, sweat, and bodies. The bunkhouse on Callisto had been noisy, but she could always escape from it. Here, she was stuck. She shoved her way through to the restroom and cursed when she spotted the line.

"Your mom knows you talk like that, Ice Princess?" James asked in humor from behind her.

"Who do you think taught me?" she replied, but felt the guilt of the lie. "Oh, shut up, Northman."

He punched her arm and then leaned in. "You're extra grouchy. You wanted on this trip, remember?"

Nettie shrugged. "Yeah, I just forgot how packed these rides could be. I can't wait for our turn at patrol."

He laughed, a full rich sound that warmed her body. Taking her upper arm, he guided her through the paddock and up a flight of stairs. After a few turns they entered a small, empty conference room. In the corner was a private restroom.

"You're a saint, Northman. Just a saint." She rushed into it.

Afterwards, she headed to the door. He stood in her way.

"Come on, Northman." She gently nudged him, finding his body taut. Peering keenly into his bright green eyes, she felt a stirring. "What are you about now?"

He brushed his hand along her cheek, leaving a tingling trail along her skin. Her body spiked with need. Her vision blurred, her heart raced, and her legs weakened.

"What do you want me to be about?"

I can't do this. Nettie panicked as the attraction piled on with all her other tumultuous emotions. "Hey, Northman. I'm a mess right now. It's not a good idea." She ended on a whisper.

He nodded and grasped her shoulder. "You've had it a little rough."

James pulled her toward him and when she thought he'd kiss, he hugged instead. This, she sighed and leaned into him. He rubbed her back with one hand and held onto her with the other. After a moment, she pushed away and smiled shyly. "You're full of surprises, Saint Northman." When he smiled, she slipped by and they headed towards the main room again.

"I won't always be a saint, Ice Princess. There will be a time, soon, when a hug won't be enough... for either of us."

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Duty and Devotion (01:04)
Book Trailer for SFR Duty and Devotion
  • Duty and Devotion
    Book Trailer for SFR Duty and Devotion

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Product Reviews

  1. Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2013

    Norris pens an edge of your seat thriller with "Duty and Devotion." Nettie and Rinnie Matterville are sisters who join the Alliance in the fight against the Union, but will the ravages of war take it's toll on their hearts?

    Set in the future when space travel is possible and the solar system has been settled by humans, Uranus and it's moons are ruled by the Union which is governed by a ruthless dictator. The Alliance is forced to defend itself when the Union declares war on them.

    Nettie and Rinnie Matterville are young women who join the Alliance, determined to do their duty. Nettie becomes a navigator and Rinnie goes to ground force training. The girls are innocent and trusting, but war has a way of hardening the heart.

    Nettie becomes tight with her, Kaitlin, a Jovian, and Jenny. Their courage and inner strength is tested time and again first with their training, and then their combat missions. Nettie finds a man to love only to have war rip him away from her. Can Nettie see past the pain and heartache to discover the steadfast James who has been there since the start of the war?

    Rinnie's ground training is challenging, but she makes friends with Journey and Danny. The attraction between her and Danny simmers below their calls to duty.

    Both Nettie and Rinnie face personal danger. Rinnie is forced to look the enemy in the eye, while Nettie learns to harden her heart. When the battle to end all battles occurs, will the sisters find their spirits broken or will love inspire hope for a better future?

    Norris intrigues readers with her futuristic setting and compelling characters. The plot rarely slows, keeping the reader turning the pages. The descriptions don't linger, allowing the reader to picture the futuristic world without weighing down the story. The dialogue adds a nice authenticity to the character's interstellar world.

    Nettie and Rinnie take the reader on a journey of growth and discovery as they experience a gambit of emotions. The supporting cast is strong and interesting, embodying the meaning of true friendship. I especially liked the loyalty shown by Kerbow and Kaitlin.

    The romance in the story is "sweet" with a kiss or two. In that regard, the story contained minimal romantic elements, yet embodied a solid-character driven futuristic/speculative story. "Duty and Devotion" is a novel that will resonate with readers long after they've put it down.

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