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Dragons by Sue Perkins

Each year humans celebrate their survival from their crash landing on Nuer but their twentieth anniversary is different when uninvited visitors gatecrash the even. The remotest settlement is razed to the ground by fire breathing dragons. The settlers group together and direct their anger to destroying the dragons but a telepathic connection between a human girl and a lead dragon interrupts their anger, causing humans to dragons to work together for freedom.

The humans discover there are several different dragon clans and both species are fascinated by the other's way of life. Other humans are telepathic and several go to live with the dragon clans to evolve a better understanding. One of the things they enjoy is soaring through the skies together, humans on dragonback as they swoop over the vast lands between the oceans, going from ice caps in the north to lush forests mid world and volcanoes in the south.  

An orphan girl who has been rescued from the sea by the dragons of the volcanic lands, helps the red dragons sort out the problems they have with the other clans and once again the Dragon Alliance is complete.

To their surprise the settlers find another group crash landed in the frozen north several decades before them, but were prevented from travelling south by the ice dragons. Dragons and humans become even closer as they help the population of Nuer to move forward as a strong and healthy community.

Books in series: 3

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy