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Dragons Book Three: Dragon Ice -- EPUB

  • Silver dragons trap Neisha's people beneath the ice. Tane attempts a rescue but an accident leaves him at the mercy of the dragons.
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Release Date:
April 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Silver dragons keep Neisha's people trapped beneath an icy plateau. In her dreams she meets Tane who promises to come and help her. Neisha tries to dissuade him, convinced he will end up trapped with her people.

Tane and his friend travel through cold, freezing weather but as he nears Neisha's home, he has an accident and finds himself at the mercy of the silver dragons. He is rescued by his travelling companion and taken to Neisha's home caverns. Now Neisha's worse fears have come true, he is trapped with her people.

Tane has a secret he has not told Neisha. He hatches a plan to free not only himself, but all of Neisha's people too. To put his plan into action he must go to the surface, but the silver dragons attack when humans are seen on the icy plateau. Will he succeed, or will he remain trapped under the ice.


A yawn interrupted her despondent thoughts, and Neisha decided to take a new book to bed with her. With a book about mythical creatures in her arms, she entered the middle alcove of the three they used for sleeping quarters, and pulled the curtain across to signify she'd retired for the night. In moments she had undressed and climbed into bed. Anticipation filled her as she opened the book. To provide more light, she flipped the lid back on the container of luminous moss and snuggled down to read one of her favorite books.

St George's armor clanked as he climbed onto his huge warhorse and settled in the spacious saddle. With lance settled in the holder he rode out from the castle to destroy the dragon.

Neisha knew the word armor referred to the metal suit worn by the man in the sketch. Her people used spears to attack their prey when hunting, so she assumed a lance would be the huge pole standing up from the side of the horse. The words danced across the page and her eyes closed as she drifted off to sleep.

Her dreams filled with images from the stories she'd read, but somehow the tales muddled together. Metal monsters raced toward her on land, red eyes blazing and flickering flames dripping from their mouths. In the air, dragons threw spears of ice at her, swooping down to get a better shot. To one side of her a knight sat astride his horse waving his lance at both flying and ground based monsters. None of them took any notice.

The dragons and metal beasts passed the brave knight and converged on Neisha. Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound passed her lips. The dragon's presence frightened her and her breath came in gasps. With a start Neisha woke from the nightmare. Her bed coverings tangled themselves around her body with one fold of blanket wrapped around her face. Arms flailing, Neisha fought her way free and gulped in several deep breaths. Her rapid heartbeat slowed until she felt able to lie back and relax. Within moments her eyelids closed and she slept.

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