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Dragons Book One: Dragon Flame -- EPUB

  • Dragons torch the human settlements. A telepathic communication with a dragon starts Talei and Adri on a journey to discover the reason for the attacks.
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Release Date:
January 1, 2012
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Dragons spouting flame attack the human settlements. Desperate to save her people Talei travels to the main town of Boone but the dragons arrive soon after. She meets Adri and his friends who want a more exciting life than Boone can offer.

On the return journey Talei mind melds with a dragon. Before the huge beast dies he asks Talei to help free the dragons from the creatures who are threatening their families. Upon her return to the survivors of the dragon attacks, Talei is unable to convince the majority of the danger to themselves and the dragons.

Talei, Adri and a few friends set out for the other continent to discover if the dragons are telling the truth and what they can do to stop the attacks. Will it be possible to save the dragons and achieve a peaceful coexistence with the huge beasts?


Crawling under the wagon, Talei peered out at the devastation unfolding across the field. Moments before gaiety and bright colors pulsed in time with the music as the colonists celebrated their anniversary. Now the field resembled a battlefield. The only color in the dark clouds of smoke rolling across the ground came from bursts of flame, as the dragons scorched the earth beneath them. Here and there intermittent smaller bursts indicated a few colonists trying to return fire with laser guns.

Darth stirred beside her, and thinking he moved to comfort her, she turned toward him. To her horror she saw him crawl from beneath the wagon and move toward a laser gun which had fallen from the hand of a dead defender.

"Darth, no," she hissed. "Don't be stupid."

He picked up the laser, and still lying on the ground he looked toward her, pride glowing in his eyes.

"I'm not stupid, Talei. I'm going to protect my home and people in the only way I know." Without another word he wriggled forward until he reached the dance floor. Talei watched helplessly as he stood. Alone in the center of the dance floor, he fired at a dragon strafing the tents along the eastern side of the open space.

The beast turned. Without appearing to aim, it launched a stream of fire at Darth. He didn't even have time to cry out as his body burst into flames. When the blaze subsided only a blackened husk remained. Talei watched in horror as the residue of her childhood friend fell lifeless to the ground.

The dragon hovered over its kill. Talei screamed in terror, and the huge, triangular head turned in her direction. She stared helplessly into the dragon's brilliant green, cat-like eyes. She froze as the maw opened, and waited for the searing heat to destroy her, too. Somewhere in the back of her mind her brain chanted a litany. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me.


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Dragon Flame (01:18)
A Young Adult fantasy where Talei and Adri must find the dragon's home to save all of the human population of Nuer.
  • Dragon Flame
    A Young Adult fantasy where Talei and Adri must find the drago...

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  1. Full of Imagination! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2013

    Perkins crafts a tale full of adventure with "Dragon Flame." Humans left Earth and settled on the planet Numar. After living in peace for eighteen years, dragons attack the human settlements. With Talei's ability to talk to the dragons, can she stop the havoc they make?

    The story opens with a pulse-pounding dragon attack. Talei and her brother, Byron, live in Maass, a human settlement on Numar. After the dragons destroy the village, Talei and the survivors set out to warn the other settlements. Unfortunately, they aren't able to stop the dragons.

    Talei's group and the survivors from Deen set up a camp. A survivor named Zach takes over this settlement. Against Zach's wishes, Talei and her brother set out to warn the other communities. Along the way, Talei discovers she can mind talk with the dragons. They are held hostage by a group of goblins called the "Pundra," and are being forced to attack the humans.

    Talei meets Adri on the way to Boon. He's willing to help her free the dragons from the Pundras' influence. After mind talking with a dragon name Rafur, Talei's group sets out to travel to the dragon's continent. The adventure draws Talei and Adri close. Will Talei and Adri's attraction prove a distraction as they set about their task to help the dragons?

    Perkin's imagination soars with this adventure-filled story. Talei and Adri face many obstacles from the dragons, disbelief from their fellow humans, and an ocean. Perkin's writing is easy to read and the plot moves at a nice clip.

    I enjoyed the rich back story of the dragons. They possessed many emotions that the reader can identify with – love, distrust, kindness, and curiosity. Perkins paints vivid pictures of the setting that resonate in the reader's mind.

    Talei, while only eighteen, rises to the occasion. She's strong for the young ones, and makes balanced decisions. Her perseverance in the face of hardship and adversity is admirable.

    Adri is determined and wants to do the right thing. He's sharp, full of gusto, and not afraid to brave the dangers he faces.

    The story is geared for young adults with Adri and Talei sharing a kiss or two. Their romance grows slowly over the course of their adventure along with mutual trust and respect. "Dragon Flame" offers an adventure full of excitement, danger, and sweet romance.

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