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Destiny by Letisha Stanton

The Texas Mexico border pre-civil war is a wild and unkempt land. With renegade Indians burning crops and the wildness of the land, scratching out a living is hard enough, especially for ex-slave Destiny Grey. Through an unofficial offer of citizenship, Destiny agrees to take on a land grant at the Mexican border. Few Mexicans actually want to build at the border with the Texans pressing in and threatening to take the land.

Having escaped the bondages of slavery, Destiny wants only to keep his family and home safe from scavenging bounty hunters searching the area for unattached blacks. With the close of the transatlantic slave trade, the bounty hunters are desperate for new blacks to sell on the block. They are burning black colonies to ensure that even should they escape; the blacks have no home to return to. Destiny manages to raise his family, but never counts on having a daughter who is strong willed and determined to bring more blacks to their little oasis.

Rosa Jewel Grey is born with a calling in her heart, to free the slaves. After their town is raided and her son is taken by the bounty hunters, she begins an all-out campaign. Rosa helps to establish the first printing press to advertise the freedom available in these Mexican colonies. Follow the Grey family as they leave a lasting legacy, pre and post-civil war, to set the captives free. 

Books in series: 3

Genre: Western historical romance