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Decisive Moments -- EPUB

  • A gutsy widow tears down the invisible walls the traumatized owner of the boarded-up mansion she needs to photograph has built around his heart.
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Release Date:
October 15, 2011
Cover Artist:
Laura Morrigan

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To satisfy the requirements for her graduate degree in fine art photography and secure her young daughter's future Amy Millington must photograph Charles Harding's boarded-up mansion.

The reclusive architect allows no one to enter his former Mission Hills home, the traumatic scene of tragedy when he was four. Charles denies the gutsy widow's request. Amy and Marta's plan to teach Charles to have fun and smile again succeeds and once he learns to appreciate landscape photography as fine art, he opens his house for Amy to photograph.

During a photographing sessions Marta disappears. Charles enters his house for the first time in over thirty years and joins Amy search. He finds Marta behind a forgotten secret sliding panel, holding his mother's long-lost suicide note.

The note frees Charles from his painful past and allows him to plan a future with Amy and Marta at his side.


The receptionist on a mission to block her path was no match for Amy Millington. On a mission herself, she darted past.

Her destination loomed ahead, the two closed mahogany doors leading to the office of Charles A. Harding, Architect.

So far, so good.

Now to outsmart the sedately dressed secretary seated at the desk just outside those doors. This formidable woman screened the architect's calls and had, on a daily basis for the last two months, refused Amy's request for an appointment.

Failure to accomplish her mission meant postponing graduation for six more months. No way. Too much was riding on her master's degree. Maybe even a Guggenheim Fellowship. Amy's new career, for sure, and with it, a secure future for her daughter. No way would she allow Harding's secretary to stop her now.

Taking a deep breath, Amy charged around the woman's desk to the doors and yanked, sending one crashing back against the wall.

The dark-haired man seated behind a massive desk looked up, surprised. His finely tailored suit matched the toasted pecan color of his eyes. His white shirt seemed almost too harsh for his silk tie softly patterned in rust and bark.

Amy's heart beat erratically, making her lightheaded right when she needed to be at her best. She didn't have much time. Building security would show up soon.

She met the man's unreadable gaze and forced her best smile. Three more strides brought her close enough to inhale the woodsy scent of his aftershave. "Mr. Harding, I--"

His threshold guard interrupted. "I'm sorry, Mr. Harding. This young woman wouldn't stop." He frowned, but a hint of curiosity lit his eyes.

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Product Reviews

  1. Engrossing! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2013

    Noel pens a high charged contemporary romance with "Decisive Moments." Secrets surround Amy Millington and Charles Harding. Can Amy and Charles find a way to forge a future despite the secrets that harden their hearts?

    Set in modern day San Diego, Amy Millington has one more project to finish before she can get her degree – photograph the Harding mansion. Gathering her courage, she approaches the stoic and guarded architect, Charles Harding.

    Charles says "no," of course, but Amy is undeterred. She picks up her daughter, Marta, from kindergarten and goes to the house. She promptly gets caught in the timbers and Charles comes to her rescue. Marta diffuses Charles' anger, but his answer to Amy is still "no."

    Amy lets the issue rest. Marta, however, takes a liking to the handsome architect and invites him to her birthday party. Charles accepts.

    Through Amy's research, she learns Charles' parents died a violent death. She's also encouraged at how Charles' drops his guard around Marta. Charles soon relaxes with Amy and Marta. He finally gives Amy permission to photograph her house, but Amy realizes the demons that haunt him are deep in his heart.

    Amy's doubts and fears have hardened her heart as well. A photograph that suggests her husband had an affair on her before he died has plagued her. While Amy is willing to explore the attraction she feels for Charles, she's not prepared to fall in love. Will the secrets that haunt Amy and Charles keep them apart or will the decisive moments they face bring them together?

    Noel's writing is crisp, sharp, and easy to read, engaging the reader on the first page. The plot moves at just the right clip and I kept turning the pages wanting too see what would happen next.

    Noel paints modern day San Diego with rich authenticity using a good economy of words. She captures not only the military feel of the city, but also the city's rich historical vibe.

    The best part of the novel is the rich characterization and how it drove the plot. Amy's perception of a photograph has built battlements around her heart only love can break. Charles is honorable and steadfast. It's heartwarming to see Marta crack is amour, but only Amy can free him of its confines.

    The love scenes are tasteful and sensual, embodying a sweet, intimate romance in every gesture. "Decisive Moments" is an engrossing romance with charming characters and a picturesque setting. Noel's story will resonate with the reader long after the last page.

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