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Decisions by Shirley Kiger Connolly

The lives of four women related only by names and families travel on four different journeys. In this four-book series each head out in a different direction for a personal reason then find themselves bound together for the same purpose -- to find true love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Can Annabelle rediscover the faith of her youth that she left behind? Can she gain the love she thought she'd never have after losing her personal respect and nearly bringing her family's name to ruin? Will Geraldine, who's lived much of her life in societal rejection because of her disability, achieve her impossible dream and finally be accepted? Will she attain the unattainable and someday marry the man she's always loved but who doesn't even know she exists? Can Collette ever experience true freedom after being forced to live under the control of her domineering guardian? Will she have to obey her guardian's demands and marry a faithless man instead of the one she's come to love? Will Daphne recognize her life filled with deception has not been the answer to finding and gaining true love? Of the three men vying for her hand, will faith help her make the right decision before it is too late or will she deceive herself once again?

Annabelle, Geraldine, Collette, and Daphne must each face unique challenges that will thread them together not because of their names or family relationships but as a result of the decisions each makes for love.

Books in series: four

Genre: Historical Inspirational Romance