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Deadly Triad by Nancy Kay

Tucked away a short drive from Lake Erie, Pine Bluffs Pennsylvania is a friendly, laid back, family oriented community. Until drug traffic between nearby cities detours into town, leaving local police chief, Tom McGraw, and his son T.J., an officer on the force, with a dead body on their hands. The chief's nephew, Detective Nick McGraw, a former resident visiting from Philadelphia, is pulled into the dilemma when he becomes involved with Cassi Burke, their prime suspect.

Cassi is cleared, but the murder remains unsolved. Nick stays in Pine Bluffs to pursue the elusive Cassi, becoming chief when his Uncle Tom retires, and T.J. joins the Pennsylvania State Police. Still, the sleepy town isn't quite the same. A threat to local resident and friend Rich McConnell keeps the McGraw family connected as they pursue yet another killer.

Then during a dangerous winter storm, another murder has Nick and T.J. joining forces yet again. Solving this new crime could shed light on Pine Bluff's first murder. The McGraw family connections prove invaluable as Nick and TJ bounce from one deadly crime to another. These long-lived family ties also provide stability as the young men navigate the rocky road to love with the strong, independent women they encounter along the way.

Books in series: 3

Genre: Romantic suspense