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Deadly Triad Book One: Deadly Reflection -- EPUB

  • Instincts tell Detective McGraw she's innocent, but as their sizzling attraction heats, a threat from Cassi's unknown past threatens to end their future.
Author :

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Release Date:
July 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri
Joseph V. Schneider

Product Description


A dead body...

A female suspect...

A detective on vacation...

Can he separate duty from desire? Can she trust his mind-blowing kisses? Or will her unknown past end their future together?

When homicide detective Nick McGraw encounters upscale spa owner Cassi Burke standing over a dead body and gripping a bloody knife in her hand, Nick's much needed vacation comes to a halt. While instincts tell the seasoned cop she didn't kill the man at her feet, he's duty bound to deliver her to local police, never suspecting Cassi's brief moment of fame will make her a target.

Cassi denies involvement with the victim's demise, and Nick strives to distance himself from the case, but the sizzling attraction between the detective and the suspect escalates, putting their feelings for one another, the ongoing investigation, and the silent threat to Cassi's life on a collision course.


Hands shoved into his pockets, Nick left Pine Bluffs PD behind. His long anticipated vacation was headed downhill on skids. After driving clear across the state, the detective wanted some down time, a respite from law enforcement. And what happens? He lands smack in the middle of a gigantic mess.


The whole state of affairs just plain pissed him off. All he'd wanted was to take a simple, solitary jog by the lake. But there she'd been, crouched over a dead body with a knife clutched in her hand. No way around that kind of in your face problem. In the process of detaining her for TJ, she'd fought like a wild animal. He'd had to physically pin her down.

That move had created a whole new set of problems.

Miss Cassandra Burke now kept popping into his mind, setting off x-rated mental reruns of her struggling beneath him in that transparent, wet tee shirt.

TJ's observation had been right on.

What a body.

Why in the hell did it have to belong to a murder suspect?

A killer headache threatened, and his swamp-logged, puked-upon boots squished with each step as Nick stalked up the drive to Tom and Mary McGraw's rental cabin. His aunt and uncle's rustic log structure was his to use while he was in town. Bless them.

He climbed the steps, crossed the plank porch, and pried off his hiking boots. Cleaning them could wait. On the way to the shower, he stripped.

The compact bathroom was unadorned but functional. Minutes after stepping into the dated moss green bathtub, a powerful hot spray rained down on him, making up for the cramped quarters and butt-ugly decor. After the shower, rejuvenated, he pulled on comfortable jeans and a fresh tee shirt, and grabbed a cold beer.

The screen door creaked as he stepped outside. After settling into a high-backed rocker, Nick pondered the day. He tried to focus and separate Miss Burke's curvy body from known facts. Something didn't fit. The whole situation was cockeyed. When he examined details, his well-honed instincts screamed wrong suspect, and Nick gave himself a mental kick in the ass.

Less than a year ago, those same instincts had failed him. He'd almost blown a major case. As a result, several good officers had narrowly escaped with their lives. The incident -- one of the reasons he'd returned to Pine Bluffs -- still haunted him.

Damn if he'd repeat that colossal mistake.

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Product Reviews

  1. First of the Trilogy! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2013

    This was a fantastic book. I finished it in two nights and stayed up until 1 a.m. the second night to finish. The characters are believable with just the right amount of vulnerability that allow you an immediate attachment to them. The suspense of a look-a-like villain keeps the suspense clicking right along and the author really nailed the ending. All in all a fantastic ride! Will surely pick up the next two books in the trilogy.

  2. Outstanding Suspense! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2013

    Seriously, the first line goes like this ... "Not bothering to shave, Nick McGraw pulled on shorts and yanked on a tee shirt." If there ever were a first sentence to grab my attention, that was it. Nick's character was oh so yummy and I just couldn't get enough of him. Cassi is a fiercely independent woman with an inner strength which are must have qualities to me in a leading lady. There are several examples I could give but all would give away a part of the book. I can say, however, the sensual tension between Nick and Cassi is electric. Sparks fly off one another when they are in close proximity. I held my breath during each encounter they had with each other and continued to want more throughout the book.

    There was a remarkable plot twist in the story that was very unexpected. I found this twist to be fantastically planned out. The villain was dark, twisted, demented and a character I loved to hate. The stalker's voice throughout the scenes was very prominent and dark. A vast difference from Cassi's, which made all of the scenes with the stalker so believable and edgy.

    Deadly Reflection is the type of book I couldn't put down. My favorite elements of this book were the progression of drama and the increasing suspense. Nancy Kay set the perfect pace, included characters that I became personally invested in and blew my mind with the ending. What more could a girl ask for? This particular author has a fantastic ability to weave a story in such a way that I hated to see it end. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised that Deadly Reflection is book one in the Deadly Triad series. Yessssss! Look for book two: Deadly Revenge to hit shelves on February 1, 2012. Highly recommended seems like such a cliche' label when giving my opinion of this book. My opinion is so much higher. Deadly Reflection is a book that you just can't miss. I absolutely loved this multi-faceted story. Anything Nancy Kay writes from now on will be an automatic add to my "have to have" books.

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