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Dark Days by Marcy Dyer

Weaponized rabies and power hungry politicians - a deadly combination.

Zombies roam the earth.

Three families stand to lose everything.

In spite of a United Nations resolutions, groups of scientists around the globe race to perfect a form of weaponized rabies. The United States spends billions of dollars and over ten years, but develop a unique form of weaponized rabies before any other country.

Expecting to use it to his political advantage, an obsessed megalomaniac dumps weaponized rabies around the globe, unleashing a zombie apocalypse on an unsuspecting world. The disease proliferates throughout the globe in a matter of days wreaking havoc on society and destroying civilization. As governments fall, all hope of an official route to a cure is lost.

Three families strive to navigate the dangerous streets and find a safe haven where they can begin to rebuild society, but will they be safe anywhere? With zombies and marauders roaming the streets vying for the remaining humans, no place is impregnatable.

While working to create normalcy in the midst of a devastating zombie invasion, they search for answers to reverse the virus. A virus that took a team of scientists years to create, yet only one of those scientists remains, Reginald Barker, and he doesn't know where to start. Can one scientist working on a complex virus that took a team many years to mutate, make any sort of headway into developing a vaccine? Even with the help of others, a cure is not likely to come.

With the world in anarchy, can the group survive and begin to rebuild society? 

Books in Series: 3

Genre: YA Dystopian Science Fiction