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Dark Days Book One: Contagion -- EPUB

  • When weaponized rabies is unleased on an unsuspecting world, can three families find safety and peace in the midst of unspeakable terror?
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Release Date:
July 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Weaponized rabies and power hungry politicians - a deadly combination.

Zombies roam the earth.

Three families stand to lose everything.

An obsessed megalomaniac dumps weaponized rabies around the globe creating the zombie apocalypse.

As the cataclysm spreads, three families search for safety, or risk becoming part of the bloodbath.

Randi Martinez, a carpenter hired to build a fortress in the Texas Hill Country, determines to take her family there when the infection ravages San Antonio. Will she find solace for her tortured soul if she can save her family?

Scientist Reginald Barker and his family set out from Silver Penny, Colorado. He fights his way toward the Texas Hill Country to save his family and redeem himself for the chaos he created.

Joshua Barker an Austin Homicide Detective is determined to fulfill his responsibility to protect his brother, as he strives to reach his uncle's home in the Hill Country.


Randi Martinez stepped onto her balcony for air despite the cold December wind. The news report detailing the deaths from the human rabies outbreak echoed through the open doors and sent her heart rate into overdrive. She slid the balcony door closed, shutting out the newscaster. How had this happened? She needed to take her family to safety.


But if she tried to get them to go, they would say she was overreacting. Again.

Movement in the parking lot grabbed her attention. A man half-shuffled, half-ran toward a woman who'd climbed out of her car. "Watch out!" The hair on her arms lifted, and a chill invaded her soul. The woman stopped and looked up, but he bore down on her. "Behind you." Randi's legs went weak. She sank to the concrete balcony floor and clung to the railing.

The woman spun around as he grabbed her. Randi tried to avert her eyes but couldn't. He dragged the woman to the macadam and bit into her neck. Her screams pierced the quiet day as he continued to assault her. Randi gagged, and the man, or zombie, or whatever he'd turned into, jerked his head up to stare in her direction. Blood and gore dripped from his mouth. This couldn't be happening. She'd rather be back in the Middle East in the midst of a heatwave and sandstorm than in San Antonio right now.

The flesh eater ran toward Randi's apartment, but he stood below her balcony drooling, making biting motions, and staring up at her with blank eyes. If the disease hadn't destroyed his neurons, he might've figured out how to come up the stairs after her. Visions of herself as one of those creatures flashed through her mind. She vomited several times.

What had happened to the world? Pain squeezed her heart, but tears didn't come. She hadn't cried since that night in the trenches. A night that filled her soul with emptiness


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Product Reviews

  1. Reviewed By Scott Cahan for Readers’ Favorite 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2017

    Marcy Dyer has woven an intricate plot together to form a work of art by the time the three families arrive at the compound. The main characters, Randi and Josh, are likable and easy to root for. I’ve always been one to say an author doesn’t need to depend on violent acts to make her story appealing. It’s refreshing to see a zombie story told with such restraint. Some people may be put off by a zombie story that gives so few details about the violence of the zombies. I must admit that there were a couple of scenes in Contagion that I felt could have been fleshed out a little more to give them more emotional impact. But, Ms. Dyer easily overcomes that issue by giving us vivid descriptions of the consequences that follow as a result of the zombie attacks. This is a realistic portrayal of humans forced to cope with a world gone mad. The struggle that Contagion portrays so well is that of regular people thrown together in the worst of situations and trying to figure out how to get along with each other and survive.

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