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If your question cannot be answered through information provided below, please feel free to contact customer care at CustomerService@DesertBreezePublishing.com.  We strive to answer all emails within one business day.

Locating your downloaded file

Did you complete your purchase, but can't find the download?

When signed into your account, click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of any screen. If you are not signed in, and do so, you will be brought to your accoutn information automatically.

From there you can:

View messages

View order status

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View Recent items.

The Completed Orders link will provide you with a list of items available for download.

If you need assistance in loading your ePUB file to a specific reader, please visit our Why ePub page for instructions.

We would like to reiterate the fact all purchases from the Desert Breeze Publishing website are electronic books in EPUB format only. Print books are not available through our site, but we provide links for purchase at Amazon. All other products are external sites and not supported by Desert Breeze Publishing Customer Care. Please see our Refunds and Returns page for more details.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with our rating system to assure you are aware of the content of the book you are purchasing. Beyond sensuality ratings, the books also have content warnings if the book contains elements we consider notable.

Following are the definitions for our rating systems:

Sweet: Nothing more physical described in the book than handholding, brief kisses and embraces. Limited displays of affection. No discussion of arousal. If the characters are intimate, it is within the vows of marriage and only implied behind closed doors.

Blush: Kisses are more heated than a sweet rating. Embraces may be more intense. Sexual attraction is clear, though not dwelled on. Sexual intimacy may or may not occur, but it is more about the pull, the attraction, and the desire. If intimacy occurs, it "goes to the door"/"fades to black". No details.

Warm: A step up from blush. Prolonged, sensual contact. Long, deep kisses. Touching. "Making Out." Sexual intimacy may occur,, but description goes 'to the door' and stops. No details.

Sensual: All the heat, all the build up. Deep, heart pounding kisses. Desire. Physical need is apparent and obvious, spoken of between them. Physical intimacy is likely, though not guaranteed, and would be described in allusion or implication, not details.

Intense: Highly sexually charged and more mature themes/discussions; however, scenes of physical intimacy will only be appropriate for the story and never gratuitous. Description will be more detailed, though all attempts will be made to keep the language tasteful and without common terms common and familiar to erotica or erotic romance.

Please feel free to drop us a line to share your thoughts on the site, all comments welcomed.