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Cloud Kingdoms by Sue Perkins

On Hejmen castles float high in the sky and nobles ride on pearly horned nahhars. A fairytale world, but not for all. In the towns and farms on the ground men must work hard to provide for their families, and at times the law is ignored in the process of survival.

The two societies seldom cross but at times love intervenes to bring the two sides together. In the forests and wild lands of Hejmen the spiritual Eos live, forgotten by the humans, but essential to the continued health of the planet.

The marriage of a girl from the streets and a Duke causes uproar among the people who live in the castles. This is followed by confusion as the humans rediscover the Eos. Although helpful, the people cannot really see the need for the Eos, but for now they let them be.

Another uproar arises when a farm girl marries a Capet of Rak. Nobles daughters and merchants daughters marry above them, not the rabble that live downside. Eos numbers are dwindling and when a plague visits the spirits the Dukes declare a way must be found to help them. Despite objections from the people, the Dukes evolve a plan to help save the Eos which in turn will save the planet from destruction.

Books in series: 4

Genre: Fantasy Romance